Laura Hamilton of A Place In The Sun leaves admirers dumbfounded with her plunging bikini photo.


Laura Hamilton of A Place In The Sun leaves admirers dumbfounded with her plunging bikini photo.

LAURA HAMILTON’s latest Instagram post, which took advantage of Spain’s “golden hour,” left her admirers panting for air.

Laura Hamilton of A Place In The Sun is no stranger to leaving her Instagram fans dumbfounded. Her most recent photo didn’t disappoint, as she sipped a refreshing drink of sangria.

With a glass of sangria, enjoy the golden hour!

Laura Hamilton is a writer who lives in the United

Laura, 39, has been soaking up the rays of the Spanish sun while looking for a new home.

Laura has gone on to help Brits wishing to transfer overseas discover their perfect life after joining the renowned show in 2011.

Her employment, on the other hand, provides her with the ultimate reward of traveling abroad and frequently enjoying much warmer conditions.

Despite the fact that the UK is experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, Laura has gone to Spain to top up her tan.

Laura looked stunning as she basked in the Spanish weather and took in everything the country has to offer.

The blonde beauty flaunted her gym-toned form while posing for a stunning photo, her natural tan glistening in the sweltering heat.

Laura’s swimsuit had a plunging neckline, which could have resulted in a severe wardrobe malfunction.

Her blonde curls cascaded freely around her ears as she carried an iced sangria glass in her palm.

Laura captioned her photo, “The golden hour with a glass of sangria!” #goldenhour #sunshine #propertysearch #spain.”

Her video, which has thousands of likes, was quickly flooded with comments from her 133,000 followers.

“Wow!” cried one of the audience members.

“Gorgeous as ever…,” said another. Laura, you don’t look half awful either.”

A third said, “Gorgeous, my friend.”

“Laura you have a BANGING BOD Madame!” wrote a fourth.

Another said, “Golden hour with the golden figure.”

Laura recently revealed that while she appreciates the compliments on her seductive photographs, she isn’t fond of filthy remarks.

She said she quickly deletes “inappropriate comments” in a recent interview.

“I try not to read too many comments [on Instagram], but I do like to react to individuals who ask, ‘Where is your outfit from?’” she acknowledged.

“Sometimes when there are inappropriate comments, I’m like, ‘eugh, I don’t need to read that,’ and I delete them a lot of the time, and the same goes for any negative stuff,” she told The Sun in response to the remarks.


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