Laura Hamilton of A Place in the Sun closes the viewing before guests enter ‘My nightmare.’


Laura Hamilton of A Place in the Sun closes the viewing before guests enter ‘My nightmare.’

A SUNRISE LOCATION During Thursday’s broadcast of the Channel 4 show, host Laura Hamilton had to cut a viewing short before it even started because the guests said it was their “worst nightmare.”

During a famous episode of A Place in the Sun, Laura, 39, was on hand to assist Karen and Alastair in finding their dream home in the Dordogne region of France. The pair were eager to put down £175,000 for the perfect home, and the Channel 4 host believed she had five properties in the pipeline that they would like. The guests, on the other hand, were refusing to walk any further than the front door by the third viewing of the search.

Laura took the couple to visit a three-bedroom house with a built-in pool after having some success with the first two properties.

It was on the market for just under £157,000, but the couple knew it wasn’t the one for them from the moment they saw it.

When the host asked Karen for her first thought, she simply replied, “No,” before going on to explain what was wrong.

“It isn’t even close to the former residence, and it is my worst nightmare. People are looking at you, and hill hikers are going through the garden.

“There’s a serious lack of privacy,” she said, and Alastair agreed that this wasn’t the ideal place for them.

“Even if it was great on the inside, this isn’t for us,” Alastair told the host as the show came to a close.

“I don’t want to beat a dead horse, so if this is an absolute no, we will leave it here,” Laura informed the couple.

The visitors agreed, so the property expert carried on with the rest of the search, but they were especially taken with property number two.

Alastair was immediately captivated by what he saw in front of him, which was a five-bedroom converted barn on the market for £147,000.

Laura observed a difference in her guest’s body language and inquired about it.

We’re going to leave it here.

Laura Hamilton is a writer who lives in the United

Alastair described the thought of living in the converted barn as simply “exciting,” adding, “It’s so quiet and you can’t hear a thing except the animals.”

The visitors informed them that some labor would be required once they were inside. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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