Laura Hamilton, host of A Place In The Sun, was stunned by a £6 million house find in Spain.


Laura Hamilton, host of A Place In The Sun, was stunned by a £6 million house find in Spain.

A SUNRISE LOCATION Laura Hamilton was surprised today when she discovered a work of art valued more than £6 million at a luxury house in Spain.

While filming sequences for Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun, TV presenter Laura Hamilton gave her Instagram fans a tour of a beautiful villa in Spain this morning. The 39-year-old was taken aback when he discovered an original painting in the estate that was worth twice as much as the house itself.

Laura captioned a video she submitted to Picasso with the phrase “Wow!!! #luxuryproperty #picasso.”

She was shown showing viewers around the gorgeous modern property, which had a private swimming pool, massage room, and gym, in the film.

The presenter swung the camera around during the behind-the-scenes tour to reveal an original Picasso on the wall.

She revealed that the 1962 painting “Dove with Sun” was valued at more than £6 million.

She was a little taken aback by the price and labeled it “crazy.”

“Good morning, everyone. We just completed filming our luxury property, and all I want to show you now is this,” she added, pointing to the famous artwork.

“That is an original Picasso,” says the narrator.

She noted, “I don’t think I’ve ever filmed at a property with an original Picasso.”

“And the painting is worth twice as much as my high-end home. And my opulent home is for sale for £3.2 million.

“Is that insane, or is that insane?” Laura went on to say.

The mother-of-two, true to form, toured the property looking as lovely as ever.

She wore an off-the-shoulder white shirt with her blonde locks in a trendy bob.


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Another shot showed her seated on the steps of another property in striped trousers.

Laura is presently vacationing on Spain’s Costa de Sol with her children, taking advantage of the pleasant weather.

With husband Alex Goward, she has a seven-year-old son Rocco and a six-year-old daughter Tahlia.

Fortunately for the Channel 4 actress, her co-star Jasmine Harman works close by.

On their day off last week, the couple was able to meet up with all of their children.

Laura hailed Jasmine, a mother of two, as “one of the sweetest and most.”Brinkwire Summary News” in an Instagram post.


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