Laura Hamilton admonished after telling couple to leave because they “didn’t want to!”


Laura Hamilton admonished after telling couple to leave because they “didn’t want to!”

A LOCATION IN THE SUN When Laura Hamilton proposed that a house-hunting couple take some time to think about the property they’d just seen, they were shut down.

During today’s replay of A Place in the Sun, Laura Hamilton was tasked with finding the right holiday house for Bob and Lucretia. The Channel 4 presenter had a rough start, but was able to offer the couple a few viable options within their £100,000 budget. Bob and Lucretia, on the other hand, shut her down when she suggested they take some time to think about the properties they’d visited.

Bob and Lucretia indicated their house acquisition was part of a five-year plan at the start of the search.

The couple intended to utilize the room as a vacation house before renting it out when they relocate to Italy permanently once their kid has graduated from high school.

Bob and Lucretia had £100,000 to invest and hoped to find a home they both liked and could turn into a profitable business.

Laura’s hunt didn’t get off to a great start, but with her second offer, she made significant progress.

Bob appeared to be at a loss for words after the group had inspected the two-bedroom house in Francavilla Fontana.

“Are you in a good mood?” Laura inquired, and he responded, “No, I’m not, but it’s such a great find.”

“It’ll be difficult to beat them; you’ve got your work cut out for you.”

The host attempted to impress the couple with her next two residences, but neither fit their needs.

Laura’s fifth choice, on the other hand, made Bob wonder if they could actually afford the villa.

“Are you aware of our financial situation?” As they stood outside the four-bedroom house, Bob asked Laura.

She said, “Yes, I do know your budget, and this is on the market for £104,000.”

Laura informed Bob and Lucretia that the owner had lately dropped the price from £122,000 to £120,000.

“The annexe looks spanking new,” Bob observed as they walked around the grounds.

Laura remarked, “Lucretia will be in that pool,” and Bob replied, “We would actually go for an underground pool.”

After touring the remainder of the property, the couple decided that the villa was their favorite option.

“We simply love it,” Lucretia said, and Bob added, “It’s the dream house.”

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