Lady Stoneheart will resuscitate Jon Snow, according to the Winds of Winter myth.


Lady Stoneheart will resuscitate Jon Snow, according to the Winds of Winter myth.

In an unexpected turn of events for Catelyn Stark, WINDS OF WINTER might see Jon Snow resurrected by Lady Stoneheart in an attempt to take the fight to the Lannisters.

Despite the fact that George RR Martin’s Winds of Winter does not yet have a publishing date, fans of the series are delving deep into hypotheses regarding the future novel. The Night’s Watch mutineers assassinated Jon Snow in the last moments of the fifth book in the series, A Dance With Dragons. Later episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones depicted Melisandre resurrecting Jon Snow, an act that could be interpreted differently in the books.

While Melisandre has the ability to resurrect Jon Snow, she is not the only figure in the A Song of Ice and Fire series who possesses this ability.

Catelyn Stark, on the other hand, might be able to bring Jon back.

Catelyn was killed off alongside her son, Robb Stark, at the Red Wedding in A Storm of Swords.

The revived Lady Stoneheart, together with the Brotherhood Without Banners, has recently made a comeback as the Stark family matriarch.

Thoros of Myr, the priest who brought Catelyn back from the dead, is among these group.

Jon and Catelyn’s relationship has always been tumultuous.

Jon has always been known to the latter as Ned Stark’s scumbag child, whom he brought home after a battle.

However, because Jon’s pedigree is likely to include both Stark and Targaryen ancestors, he is the rightful king of Westeros.

Catelyn may unwittingly dethrone the Lannisters, who presently rule the Iron Throne, if she sacrificed her own undeath to bring Jon back to life.

Jon’s return would allow him to not only regain Westeros, but also to save his comrades from the White Walkers’ oncoming threat.

Of course, Catelyn would be killed for the second time.

She probably doesn’t mind, though, because she’ll be using her death to bring down Cersei Lannister, the woman who murdered her and her family.

Martin just mentioned how far behind he is in writing Winds of Winter, so it may still be a sometime before it hits shop shelves.

The series’ author updated his admirers on his progress on his blog early this year.

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