Lady Louise Windsor follows in Philip’s footsteps and is praised for her appearance.


Lady Louise Windsor follows in Philip’s footsteps and is praised for her appearance.

On Sunday, LADY LOUISE WINDSOR attended the British Driving Society’s Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet. The Royal Windsor Horse Show was on its fourth day in Home Park, Windsor Castle.

In her carriage-driving outfit, the young princess looked the part. She was wearing a green jacket and beaming as she participated.

She was dressed in a green felt hat with pheasant feather plumes and a yellow carnation on her lapel.

Louise’s long blonde hair was up and away for the athletic event, which she, like her late grandpa Prince Philip, enjoys.

Lady Louise Windsor was accompanied to the ceremony by her parents, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Prince Edward, who cheered her on.

She was chauffeured by Prince Philip’s carriage and ponies, which she inherited after his death.

Queen Elizabeth II was present to support her grandchild.

Fans praised Louise on her outing, praising her for her sweet connection to the late Duke of Edinburgh.

“Truly a royal lady – clear, sincere, charming, and sporty and Prince Philip’s footsteps,” one person said.

“How gorgeous is that?” commented another. “Young lady, you are lovely.”

“Oh, my goodness, how wonderful. She must have been ecstatic – and she looked like a million bucks! “Wonderful ponies,” one remarked.

Others made comparisons between the young royals and other members of her family.

“She looks exactly like the queen,” one person said.

“Just like her mother!” exclaimed another. “My same thoughts,” one person commented.

Others compared her to Rosamund Pike, a Hollywood actress. “A Rosamund Pike lookalike…so pretty,” they said.

“Exactly my thoughts!” said another. My sister concurs.”

Many people speculated about how Prince Philip would react if Louise rode in his carriage.

One person stated, “Her Grandfather would be so proud.”

“Girl Louise Windsor is a very gorgeous young lady, her grandfather would be so proud,” remarked another.

Another person commented, “She looks so cheerful and lovely.” “I can only imagine how proud she must be to be behind the wheel of Prince Philip’s carriage and ponies.”

Lady Louise Windsor wore Prince Philip’s jacket to the meet the day before her function.

The little royal’s day out drew a lot of attention from fans.

“A gorgeous and confident Lady Louise! One fan remarked, “She reminds me so much of a young Queen Elizabeth II.”

Another person inquired, “How stunning is Lady Louise?”

“Louise is maturing into a lovely young lady, and Sophie is all kinds of fabulous,” one remarked.


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