Lady Kitty Spencer looks stunning in a polka dot outfit at her hen party before her wedding.


Lady Kitty Spencer looks stunning in a polka dot outfit at her hen party before her wedding.

LADY KITTY SPENCER, Diana’s niece, recently married Michael Lewis in Rome.

Kitty, 30, shared a photo on Instagram two days ago that many mistook for a hen party. Michael Lewis, her now-husband, is a 62-year-old South African wealthy fashion tycoon. The couple tied the knot at Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, with friends and family in attendance.

Earl Charles Spencer’s daughter shared a photo of herself at her hen party, wearing a stunning Dolce & Gabbana polka dot dress.

Kitty and her bridesmaids strutted around the streets of Florence wearing bright wigs, eager for a night of fun.

One Instagram user said, “Breathtaking.”

Lady Kitty’s friends used the hashtag ‘Team Bride’ in their social media posts, implying that her wedding to Michael Lewis would take place shortly.

Marpessa Hennink, a Dutch fashion model, posted a selfie with Kitty on Thursday, captioning it, “Team Bride.” It’s finally happening.” Kitty’s bridesmaids wore plain black dresses in the photos, allowing the bride to shine in her beautiful polka dot gown.

They matched their outfits with wedge heels and colorful clutch bags as they toasted the forthcoming wedding.

The attendance at the wedding is yet unknown, however because to the COVID-19 problem, Prince William and Prince Harry are unlikely to attend.

“Girls just want to have fun!” said another person on social media.

” in reaction to Kitty’s hen party photo on Instagram.

Lady Kitty then tweeted a selfie of herself outside Piazza del Duomo wearing the same polka dot dress.

“We are waiting to see the bride in her gown!” a royal observer said.

Official wedding photos have yet to be released, but fans are drooling over her simple yet gorgeous hen party gown.

In her Instagram snap, Lady Kitty also flaunted her £1,700 Dolce & Gabbana bag.

Kitty shared photos of herself wearing a stunning leopard-print cocktail dress earlier in the week, probably for additional hen party festivities.

The outfit is £1,800 and is from Dolce and Gabbana.

Before marrying the South African fashion magnate, the blonde beauty astonished as she partied with her friends.

“Oh my – you and that dress… DIVINE!” one fan exclaimed.

” A leopard-print cocktail dress identical to Princess Diana’s gorgeous niece’s outfit can be purchased for only £18 from Pretty Little Thing.

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