Lady Gaga in “American Horror Story: Hotel” on what “makes sex so good”


Lady Gaga’s acting resume was very bare before American Horror Story: Hotel, including brief roles in Machete Kills and Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for. In Season 5 of his horror anthology, Ryan Murphy still saw promise in the now Oscar nominee and cast her as The Countess.

A hedonistic and egoistic character whose dark deeds were second to none was the cruel, amoral, deceitful and bloodthirsty vampire.

Although Gaga’s acting abilities were demonstrated by the character, she did not just take the part because it was “provocative,” as she told The Hollywood Reporter. While some condemn Gaga for the mere intention of arousing decisions, she is an artist with creative inclinations that direct her acts.

She spoke about AHS in an interview with THR and explained why sex in hotels – of which there is a lot – is “so good.”

In ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’ Lady Gaga speaks about sex in

Lady Gaga clarified how her career choices are made and why she approached Murphy for a part in his series. She had shared:

“I don’t do things just because they’re provocative or because they’re shocking…. I do it because the story [Ryan Murphy] tells about addiction, the story he tells about our own narcissism, the story he tells about how humans try to survive within the challenges of the universe – that to me is what makes sex so good. “Gaga|THRR.

When it comes to Murphy’s series, sex is part of the bigger picture.

In a world based on “Hotel” and “narcissism” – a universe that resides in the dark crevices of civilization – sex in “addiction” exists.

And sex, which often ends in murder, illustrates and compares the lack of happiness endured in the hotel by the inmates (and the immortals who set the traps). Gaga realized she wasn’t reading a script and she thought, “Oh yay! A foursome!” There’s a lot more at stake.

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At first, Matt Bomer was a little anxious.

It takes two (at least) to tango as far as sex scenes go.

And in some of the most intimate scenes with Gaga, Matt Bomer was involved. He clarified:

“Um, I think what everyone’s reaction would be is, sure, you freak out a little bit…. ” Bomer | THRR.

While Bomer was anxious, by being personable and down-to-earth, Gaga helped ease his nerves.

Bomer narrated:

“Thank God Stefani is not only a brilliant actress, but also very personable…. She made sure to break down the walls for all of us. When you’re such a big star, you have to level the playing field and make yourself accessible…. ” Bomer | THRR | THRR

In the end, both stars seemed to get along on screen pretty well, so those behind-the-scenes talks and cast dinner at Gaga’s house had to pay off.


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