‘La Brea’ Episode 9: Why is Isiah so important to Josh and Izzy’s survival?


‘La Brea’ Episode 9: Why is Isiah so important to Josh and Izzy’s survival?

Josh and Izzy’s life are now in Isiah’s hands, thanks to Ella’s origins.

There’s nothing ‘La Brea’ doesn’t have, from saber-tooth tigers to family turmoil and now, space-time continuums. If Episodes 8 and 9 left you surprised and perplexed, Episode 9 provides more clarity, as the series moves closer to its conclusion.

Are you perplexed by the ‘La Brea’ timeline? We can’t say we blame you. All of the preceding episodes can be found here: Episode 1, Episode 2 – ‘Day Two,’ Episode 3 – ‘The Hunt,’ and Episode 4 – ‘The New Arrival.’

Veronica’s terrible secret is revealed, and Eve makes a surprising discovery, according to Brinkwire News’La Brea’ Episode 5

Episode 6 of ‘La Brea’: Eve thwarts Levi’s rescue effort after Gavin fails to save survivors.

With everyone looking for Isiah, Josh is somewhat aback when he discovers that the small child he met at the arrived is actually his father. Aldridge explains how important it is to find Isiah; if they don’t send him back to 1988, Josh and Izzy would vanish, and Eve and Gavin will never meet. However. Silas is still determined to keep his grandson hidden, despite the fact that his own identity is unknown. Silas appeared with Isiah a few years ago and said that the boy’s parents died when they fell into a sinkhole, and they have been a part of the village without question ever then, according to Paara. Eve tries to flee with Isiah, but Silas kidnaps Levi and Josh, implying that they will perish unless she surrenders Isiah.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Victoria and Scott try to make amends by trapping a cow, only for Scott to discover that the cow, too, went through another sinkhole, and that he will be able to escape at some point. While the remaining survivors learn of a sinkhole that will open in 1988, they must choose whether to stay or travel back in time. Victoria, who has realized her error and sees this as an opportunity to start over, is subsequently requested by Lilly to accompany her to the sinkhole.

This is due to Aldridge handing her a message in which she is asked to embark on this assignment. Gavin finally persuades Ella to assist them in the modern day by presenting her with proof that she is from 10,000 BC. However, she is none other than Lilly, who traveled back in time and grew up to be Ella, unbeknownst to everyone and Ella herself. When Lilly accomplished this, she lost all of her memories and could only recall bits and pieces of her experience in 10,000 BC. She has no recall of what happened. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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