Kyle Richards of ‘RHOBH’ Reveals What Terrified Her While Filming ‘Halloween Kills’


Kyle Richards of ‘RHOBH’ Reveals What Terrified Her While Filming ‘Halloween Kills’

For Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, being hunted by a violent psychopath in Halloween Kills wasn’t the most difficult aspect. Instead, she appeared to be concerned about filming in a marsh that may (or might not) be home to alligators.

When Kyle Richards of ‘RHOBH’ was filming ‘Halloween Kills,’ what worried her?

Richards resumed her role as (little) Lindsey Wallace more than four decades later. Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) was babysitting one of the children when Michael Myers tormented them in the original 1978 Halloween. Richards recently revealed what horrified her as a child about the film and what worried her the most when filming the current episode.

In an Instagram video uploaded by Curtis, she recalls asking her best friend to the premiere when she was eight years old. “Her mother mistook it for a Halloween film.


We were also afraid.” The beautiful relationship between Curtis and Richards was seen on set. In the Instagram video, Curtis tells Richards that she was the one who carried her in the movie. As everyone laughs, Curtis takes up Richards and carries her back to the set.

Richards acknowledges that returning to the set brought up many worries for her. She says, “I’m running for my life.” “And get into this marsh,” says the narrator. I notice three men searching for gators with flashlights.

‘What?’ I think to myself. “Did you say alligators?” I asked. She goes on to say that instead of Michael Myers terrorizing the town, she and others are preparing to kill him. She yells, “We’re going to get him first!”

When Kyle Richards was little, what was it about ‘Halloween’ that worried her?

When she developed Halloween Kills, Richards had to overcome a few more “fears.” She joked about needing to chop her bangs for the part, but she sounded irritated. “I played Lindsey Wallace in the first Halloween when I was eight years old,” Richards confessed on RHOBH Season 10’s confessional. “I was ecstatic when they asked me to repeat my role in the upcoming Halloween,” she says. “However, it was the director’s decision to chop my hair,” she insisted. “Because these bangs aren’t flattering on me!” Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna were ‘kind’ after their ‘nightmare’ encounter with Erika Jayne, according to a Hollywood publicist. She also recently revealed how terrified she was as a child after seeing the original Halloween. “When I was a little girl, we used to go to…” Brinkwire Entertainment’s latest news.


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