Kyle Richards broke her nose during a fight scene with slasher Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Kills.’


Kyle Richards broke her nose during a fight scene with slasher Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Kills.’

In a Halloween franchise film, you can expect a bit — or a lot — of violence.

Nobody expects the violence to spill over into reality. Kyle Richards, co-star of Halloween Kills, admitted in a recent interview that she cracked her nose during filming a fight scene with slasher Michael Myers.

Kyle Richards starred as a toddler in the 1978 film “Halloween.”

The reality star isn’t a novice when it comes to horror films. As a toddler, she co-starred in Disney’s surreal horror film The Watcher in the Woods from 1980. She also starred in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween as Lindsey Wallace, one of the children Laurie Strode babysits.

The actor is now the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a hit reality show.

It’s never too late to return to the trope-filled horror genre, and Richards will play with Jamie Lee Curtis and Nancy Stephens in the film that started it all. Jamie Lee Curtis, the iconic ‘final girl,’ recently said that seeing Richards on the set of Halloween Kills was traumatic for her.

“I understood the passage of time and how long we’ve all been a part of this story when I saw Kyle Richards and Nancy Stephens [who star in the first Halloween],” Curtis told The Hollywood Reporter in a September 2021 issue. “I ran across both of them at one point early on.”

Kyle Richards played tiny Lindsey, a little kid I’m babysitting in [the movie], so it was quite emotional.

She didn’t inform anyone about her broken nose because she didn’t want to lose her role in ‘Halloween Kills.’

Kyle Richards claimed in a recent interview with ET that she cracked her nose while practicing fights with Michael Myers on set.

“I was working with a stunt coordinator to perform a fight scene with Michael Myers, and let’s just say something flew back and smacked me in the face when I was rehearsing, and I realized something was wrong right away,” the actor told ET.

Richards also didn’t want to talk about the injuries because she was afraid her stunt double would steal the show.

As a result, she persevered.

“Well, you know, you’re staring at someone who looks exactly like you, is dressed exactly like you, and is waiting for their turn,” Richards explained. “I was thinking, no, I wanted this for myself, so I held it together and then when… Brinkwire Entertainment quick news


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