‘KUWTK’: A small detail in the workout of Kim Kardashian Wests-Video Hat Fans Verunsichert


There are incredible bodies for Kim Kardashian West and her sisters.

To maintain their figures, especially after having children, they have to work out and eat a special diet, right? The KarJens, however, are fairly private about their exercises and meals.

On Instagram, they support certain diets or foods, but fans don’t know a lot about their actual habits. A video of her workout was recently shared by Kardashian West, and fans are calling for more.

When she works out, Kim Kardashian West doesn’t wear her hair.

Did Kim Kardashian West prove that, with this one career leap, she is the smartest sister?

The video was debated by Reddit users, and like everything Kim shares, every little thing is dissected.

First, in the video, Kim did not seem to be wearing any makeup that fans loved.

They think she naturally looks amazing and were shocked that she shared a bare-faced video of herself. Kim also didn’t tie her hair up, which left some fans confused.

Most women, especially if they have long, flowing locks like Kim, put their hair in a ponytail or chignon to work out. During a workout, long hair can get in the way.

Kim’s hair was down, however, which made some fans think that the video was at least a little staged.

Kim left her hair down for the video, they guess, and then tied it back up afterward. Other fans defended Kim and said that with their hair down, they still work out.

Kardashian West does not have any weight on the pole, according to fans,

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Paris Pre-Wedding Gym Date Inside! Pic.twitter.com/jANG4Wepwy- E! http://t.co/zgogQNXpWX News (@enews) May 19, 2014 For her kids’ birthdays, Kim Kardashian West has a secret tradition.

The other thing about this video that bothered fans was that Kim had no weight on the pole. Kim appears to struggle in the video with the amount of reps that she has to do.

The video is only 30 seconds long, so for someone as fit as Kim, it is not too much work. One fan was saying:

At that bar, there’s no weight. Considering how much she works out, she’s pretty weak.

Before I get voted down: I’m aware that the bar has weight; given that she has 1 on 1 experience, it’s only a very tiny amount to fight with.

The lack of weight and Kim’s fight may, of course, be more proof that the video is at least somewhat staged. It may be that she’s putting on a camera show and pretending to have a tough time.

Kim has constant one-on-one preparation, after all, as the commentator noted. She’s probably used to working out by now, but by making it seem tough, maybe she decided to spice up her workout video a little.

Some speculate that Kim Kardashian West just doesn’t work out,

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian)Other fans have decided that Kim may be shockingly frail. She was compared to her sister Khloe by one commenter.

Kardashian’s youngest sister does a great deal about her workouts, but neither she nor Kim have a lot of muscle tone.

“It honestly surprises me that for how much she and Khloe work out, they have very little muscle definition.”It honestly surprises me that they have very little definition of muscle for how much she and Khloe work out.

Other fans assume that Kim is definitely not striving for the concept of muscle, which is precisely why she has no weight on the bar. “I don’t think she means to do a weighted squat, just use the bar to do a deep squat.” one fan familiar with the system Kim uses wrote.

Not all fans were thrilled with Kim’s video, however.

They even claim it’s another evidence that Kim’s ass is a fake. She’s often suspected of getting butt implants or injections, and fans don’t think squats like this offer a Kim Kardashian West butt to anyone. One fan has written:

“Seriously, you literally can’t get a butt that big by doing squats without the weight of chicken legs supporting it. I’ve tuned out whenever the sisters do workout content because that s**t is a lie …. None of them are athletes and their bodies are bought and paid for. If you want a real body of strength and fitness, see Serena Williams.”


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