Kody Brown’s wife Janelle is said to have moved to Utah with Christine, according to Sister Wives followers.


SISTER Wives fans have started speculating that Kody Brown’s wife Janelle has followed Christine and moved to Utah, as well.

Kody’s third wife, Christine, recently moved into a new $1.1M Utah duplex after leaving her husband in Arizona, and now many think Janelle done the same.

The theory started spreading after Janelle, 52, shared a cryptic photo on Instagram of her getting her own electronics set up, making followers think she’s moved somwhere new.

She shared a snap of an internet modem sitting a beige carpet, captioning it: “My boys will be proud, I set up my own new WiFi modem and didn’t have to call them once!”

A mother of six, Janelle had four sons – Logan, Hunter, Robert, and Gabriel – and two daughters – Madison and Savanah – with Kody.

One Sister Wives fan on Reddit speculated: “Plot twist. I wonder if Janelle has moved into the other half of Christine’s duplex.”

Another added onto the theory, writing: “Both of them have been traveling together too, so idk could be and I would be happy for both of them if they finally got away”

A third hoped it’d true, saying: “I’m very ready for these two to have some Golden Girls years enjoying their Kody-free lives!”

Others also said they would love for that to be the case but said the walls in the Janelle’s photo didn’t seem to match up with photos of Christine’s duplex.

“I would love to have seen Janelle and Christine get the duplex together but they aren’t the same house,” one wrote. “The baseboard is different and the walls in the listing aren’t textured.”

They continued: “The listing mentions the duplexes are identical so unfortunately I’m not holding my breath on this one.

“Janelle also seems completely content with her relationship with Kody.”

Others pointed out that her newest photo and caption has her tellings fans that she’s “heading into town for the winter in the next couple of days,” and many fans are assuming that means she’ll be in Flagstaff for the season.

Earlier this week, The Sun revealed exclusive photos of the outside of the duplex, which is located in Murray, Utah.

The home was built in 2019 and is a two-story duplex that has two living units attached next to each other as townhouses.

Christine’s portion is 3,490-square feet, and features three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The home also features a built-in garage, porch, wood deck in the back and a basement for both tenants.

The outside of the home boasts a beige stone and stucco design.

In listing photos viewed by The Sun, the kitchen has gray wood flooring with white cabinets… Brinkwire Brief News.


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