Kirstie Allsopp gives a “classic” example of a “broken” housing system: a guy who has been rendered “homeless.”


Kirstie Allsopp gives a “classic” example of a “broken” housing system: a guy who has been rendered “homeless.”

KIRSTIE ALLSOPP used Twitter this week to give a “classic illustration” of Britain’s “broken” housing system. The real estate expert retweeted a message from a man who had been left “homeless.”

After one guy stated his new home was being “taken off the market,” property expert Kirstie Allsopp slammed England’s “broken” housing system on Twitter yesterday. While answering her fans’ housing questions on social media, the co-host of Location, Location, Location frequently provides property tips and hacks. “What a b*****d moving out of our house today and just received a call from the agents re our next property to be told they are yanking it off the market,” a person wrote on Twitter.

“#homeless @PhilSpencerTV @KirstieMAllsopp I’m looking for anything near Sheffield that has land.”

“This is a classic example of our dysfunctional system,” Kirstie said on Twitter in response to the post.

The tweet drew a flood of reactions from other Twitter users.

The homebuyer’s circumstance astounded many, while others related their own comparable stories.

“This happened to the former owner of the house we now live in,” one person added (nine years ago now).

“On the day the house she was buying was to be completed, the owner of the house she was buying chose not to sell.

“Fortunately, she had a vacation home and relocated there.

“Her real estate agents were fantastic, and she ended up in a much better location.”

“The most astonishing thing about this discussion is how many people don’t know what they’re talking about,” another member commented.

“In England, you can back out of a house transaction up until the point where the money is handed over.

“Acknowledgement of an offer is legally enforceable in Scotland, and gazumping is prohibited.”

“Why is this system still so bad?” wrote a third.

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“When will it be transformed into a goal to ensure that moving is not a nightmare?”

“I suppose the moving date was in a few weeks…but I guess he sold his existing place before the moving-in date in order to secure a sale,” wrote a fourth.

You can back out of a house transaction in England at any time before the contracts are exchanged.

You have entered into a legally binding contract once you exchange contacts, which means you are bound by its conditions.

A seller, on the other hand, is pulling out of a. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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