Kirsten Ramsay’s age: How old is Kirsten Ramsay from Repair Shop?


Kirsten Ramsay’s age: How old is Kirsten Ramsay from Repair Shop?

THE REPAIR SHOP is the heartwarming series that everyone turns to when they need a break.

But how old is Kirsten Ramsay, the BBC One star?

The Repair Shop’s eighth season ended last month, and fans are already clamoring for it to return.

But how old is Kirsten Ramsay, the ceramics conservator who has been a part of the BBC series since the beginning?

On BBC One’s The Repair Shop, Kirsten is the ceramics and restoration expert.

She’s been dubbed the “queen of the invisible fix” for her work in helping families restore their prized and fragile possessions to their former glory.

“Ceramics come from all over the world,” Kirsten told the BBC, “and it’s sometimes possible to see the maker’s human marks.”

“That link to the past still gives me an incredible rush.”

We’re just trying to save beautiful and interesting objects so they can continue to tell their stories in the future.”

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Kirsten is a restoration and ceramics expert with over 25 years of experience.

The ceramics expert was born in 1975, but it is unknown when she was born.

Kirsten is in her mid-40s, having spent the majority of her life repairing delicate objects, having turned 45 last year.

She had always been interested in the visual arts and museums since she was a child.

Kirsten graduated from West Dean College with a British Antiques Dealer Association post-graduate diploma in the restoration and conservation of ceramics, glass, and related materials.

She then went on to intern at The Vandamp;A Museum and the Brighton Museum.

Kirsten later worked at The British Museum’s Ceramic Conservation Department.

Years later, she decided to go it alone and established her own private conservation business in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex.

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“I am fortunate to enjoy both my job and conservation,” Kirsten said.

“I look forward to going to my studio each morning; every day brings a new set of pieces to work on, as well as new challenges to overcome.”

Kirsten has been on hand for The Repair Shop since it opened in 2017.

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