KINApparel on ‘Shark Tank’: How much do the silk-lined hoodies cost, who is the founder, and how do you wear them?


If you’re tired of having dull, frizzy hair, the issue might be the material you’re exposing it to. KINApparel is here to help fix that

A lot of the ideas on ‘Shark Tank’ are often born out of simple need and necessity. These entrepreneurs and creators realize a lack of a particular product and then aim to fill that gap smartly and conveniently. Often, this can just be revolutionizing the simplest things, resulting in a new and improved product.

While this may seem like a great idea to the business owner, it is up to them to convince Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John or Robert Herjavec to think the same way as well. For Philomina Kane of KIN, she noticed a simple problem and decided upon an effective solution.

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What is KINApparel?

KINApparel is a brand that focuses on protecting hair. Their main product is satin-lined hoodies, along with satin-lined bucket hats, beanies, pillowcases and hair care products. KIN uses satin as it is vastly better for hair and helps prevent breakage.

As the brand explains it — “Traditional hoodies and hats are made with materials that simply aren’t kind to natural hair. But satin? Well here are some major benefits: Satin naturally retains moisture, it doesn’t absorb it, allowing your hair to stay moisturized and protected. This leads to stronger and healthier hair. Compared to cotton, satin is a much softer and silkier material. You see, traditional hoodies are often made with cotton, when hair interacts with a material like cotton there is a lot of friction which causes frizz and breakage. Due to the silky nature of satin there is a lot less friction which helps minimize breakage and frizz.

Satin is simply less disruptive. Whether it be full out fro, last night’s twists, summer braids or your forever locks, satin saves your style! Less friction means more preservation.”

Who is the founder?

Philomina Kane is the founder of KINApparel. She has worked as a marketing director and a YouTube Content Creator, with her channel NaturallyPhilo amassing a following of 187,000 followers.

As per her Linkedin profile, she is a “highly driven, passionate young lady with excellent marketing, social media, and digital content creation skills.” Her brand focuses on revolutionizing hair care with fashion and inclusion. On the brand’s website, she spoke about how her Ghanian roots inspired her. “My Ghanaian culture is what makes me who and what I am. Brinkwire Brief News.


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