Kim Kardashian mocks OJ Simpson on Saturday Night Live, and the internet says the monologue was “hilarious AF.”


Kim Kardashian mocks OJ Simpson on Saturday Night Live, and the internet says the monologue was “hilarious AF.”

The 40-year-old socialite, who wore a hot pink velvet jumpsuit on stage, didn’t hold back when it came to making fun of her family members.

Kim Kardashian made her hosting debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) on October 9 and received a surprising amount of positive feedback from the Internet. Hours before her appearance on the sketch comedy show, the social media sensation was cruelly trolled by fans who thought she was the wrong person to take over the legendary TV show’s hosting duties.

In her introductory speech, the 40-year-old socialite, dressed in a hot pink velvet jumpsuit, did not hold back in making fun of her family members. Kim Kardashian had the live crowd as well as social media followers in splits, which they had not anticipated. Kim Kardashian went all out, mocking her sex tape, making jokes about OJ Simpson, and divorcing “the best rapper of all time,” Kanye West.

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“I’m delighted to be here tonight to show you guys that I’m so much more than just a lovely face and fantastic hair and wonderful makeup and amazing b**bs and a perfect butt,” the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star said as she launched the evening with a subtle funny jab at her infamous sex video. I’m basically a lot more than the reference shot my sisters show their plastic doctors.” Kim then stated that she was following in her father Robert Kardashian’s footsteps, alluding to her work assisting others who had been wrongfully imprisoned. “I thank him for first bringing racial injustice to my attention. He was the individual who introduced me to my first black person. Do you want to take a try at guessing who it was? I know it’s strange to recall the first black person you met, but O.J. leaves an impression. Or maybe a few. Or none at all, I’m still unsure!” In her opening monologue, the popular TV star also poked fun at her much-discussed divorce from Kanye West. “I married the greatest rapper in history.” He’s also the wealthiest black man in the United States. “A gifted, genuine genius who blessed me with four incredible children.” “So when I divorced him, you have to understand it boiled down to just one thing- his mentality,” she continued. hr. hr. hr. hr. hr. hr. hr.


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