Kim Fox is slain while investigating a mystery disappearance on EastEnders?


EASTENDERS’ Kim Fox got the shock of her life in Monday’s episode when she heard a name which hasn’t been mentioned in years: Vincent Hubbard. But after Phil Mitchell’s warning, could she find herself in grave danger as she tries to track down her ex?

Kim (played by Tameka Empson) hasn’t seen Vincent (Richard Blackwood) since 2018 when the EastEnders character disappeared in suspicious circumstances. He walked into a trap set up by Phil (Steve McFadden) and was presumably murdered by him, with the help of Aidan Maguire (Patrick Bergin) and corrupt officer DCI Alsworth (Nik Drake). But after the surprise blast from the past, Kim seems keen to find out the truth about what happened to Vincent. Could she find herself the next victim of the criminals?

Kim overheard Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) speaking on the phone to a “Vince Hubbard” in Monday’s episode of the BBC soap, and stopped in her tracks.

“Vince Hubbard?” She asked, as Phil chimed: “There must be hundreds of Vince Hubbards in London.”

“Vince Hubbard is my husband’s name,” the businesswoman explained to Mitch.

“I keep forgetting you’re married,” the taxi driver replied.

Kim remarked: “Only on paper,” but she seemed intrigued as she walked away.

She confided in her sister Denise Fox (Diane Parish), where she said she’d “pay good money” to punch Vincent.

She continued: “But I suppose he’s not going to come here, is he? If he’s in hiding.”

“Especially not if he wants to keep his gob in one piece,” Denise replied.

Kim pointed out: “But his kids are here, I’m here.” Denise argued it must be a different Vince Hubbard, but Kim wasn’t convinced.

After attempting to track him down, Kim came across a stranger, but was adamant he had her husband’s wallet.

As it became clear she wasn’t going to give up, Phil gave Denise a frightening warning.

“You need to slow her down, or it isn’t going to end well for anyone,” the gangster explained.

He informed Denise that Vincent is dead, and that Aiden had arranged it.

“No one is safe,” Phil stated as he told Denise to keep Kim from digging.

But Kim seems determined to find answers, and isn’t likely to listen to Phil or Denise.


Vincent’s last scene on the soap saw him being driven away before an unknown man held a gun to his head.

His fate wasn’t shown. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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