‘Killing Eleanor’: Trailer, Spoilers, and Everything You Need to Know About the Comedy Drama Film


‘Killing Eleanor’ tells the story of Eleanor, who wants to die on her terms and seeks help of Natalie, an addict trying to better her life

One of the primary goals for a human being is to live his or her life on their own terms and don’t want anyone else to tell them what they should be doing with their respective life. So, it comes as no surprise that they want to die on their terms as well. Most of the time, people suffering from terminal diseases go through a lot of pain in order to live a little extra. However, they know that it’s not going to get better and the end result will be a painful death. So, they try to end their lives on their own terms and that’s the whole premise of the upcoming movie ‘Killing Eleanor’.

The movie revolves around a terminally ill old lady named Eleanor (Jenny O’Hara) who wants to die on her terms convinces a self-destructive addict named Natalie (Annika Marks) to help her in exchange for clean urine.

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The plot is somewhat similar to the Australian series ‘The End’, in which an elderly woman wants to die with dignity and doesn’t want to suffer in pain due to a terminal disease. On the other hand, movies like ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Paddleton’ are also made on the same lines. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming movie.

Release date and how to watch

The movie had its premiere at the 2020 Savannah Film Festival and won the Best Narrative Feature accolade at the event. So, the makers have decided to release the movie on Digital on Tuesday, October 12.


“Recently out of another stint in rehab, Natalie (Annika Marks) is hiding her everlasting pain killer habit, while living back at home and working for her Mom (Jane Kaczmarek) on the condition she’s clean. When Eleanor (Jenny O’Hara), a terminally-ill old woman, sneaks out of her nursing home and surprises Natalie with a long-forgotten IOU, her repayment request is shocking — she wants Natalie to help her die. Natalie dismisses Eleanor, but after a family intervention, led by her Type A sister Anya (Betsy Brandt), she needs to get her hands on clean urine. So, the two strike a deal — Eleanor will pee in a cup, and Natalie will help kill her. Helping Eleanor die with dignity might just teach Natalie to live with dignity.”


Jenny O’Hara will be playing the lead role of. Brinkwire Brief News.


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