Khloe Kardashian smiles with her nephew Saint, 5, before the celebration, looking unrecognizable with platinum hair and a small nose.


Khloe Kardashian smiles with her nephew Saint, 5, before the celebration, looking unrecognizable with platinum hair and a small nose.

In a new selfie video with her nephew Saint, KHLOE Kardashian was unrecognizable when the entire family gathered at Kylie Jenner’s house for her makeup launch party.

Despite denying plastic surgery, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has received controversy for her changing appearance.

Khloe, 37, shared a selfie video with her five-year-old nephew Saint on her Instagram stories.

While playing on his iPad, the reality star posed with the toddler and told him to “say hello” to the camera.

Before returning to his game, Kim Kardashian’s youngster gave a shy “hello” to the audience.

Khloe’s appearance in the short movie, however, came as a surprise, since she appeared to be a far cry from her early days in the spotlight.

Her platinum blonde hair contrasted sharply with her natural brunette locks, and her nose was just a little dot on her face.

The mother of one flaunted her new look during a weekend appearance on Saturday Night Live, when her sister Kim was the guest star.

Khloe tweeted a number of photos from backstage at the comedy event, where she was dressed as “Barbie” in a tight red outfit.

As she smiled for the camera, the bodycon hugged her body and showed off her wonderful contours.

As she rushed between outfit changes, the E! star’s blonde hair fluttered in the breeze.

Khloe commended Ash K. Holm and Andrew Fitzsimons for being “such great individuals!” with the photos.

“Not only are you both incredibly skilled, but you’re also always so upbeat and supportive,” she exclaimed.

Fans and family members alike rushed to the comments section to praise the TV star’s beauty.

She was compared to “Barbie” by several people, and her best friend Malika remarked, “A doll,” with a heart emoji.

Kylie Jenner even wrote a letter with the words “Cutie” and a heart emoji on it.

Despite the goodwill, Khloe has received a lot of criticism for her new look, with many accusing her of plastic surgery and over-editing her images.

The founder of Good American has admitted to using lip fillers and that she may have had some cosmetic work done in the past, but she has never verified any plastic surgery treatments.

Her nose has gotten smaller, her chin has gotten pointier, and her face and waist have gone unnaturally tiny in recent images.

According to Insider, the KUWTK star’s transformation could be a combination of surgery, weight loss, and photo filters.

“You may accomplish some of these characteristics with suitable makeup and photo filters,” plastic surgeon Dr Hootan Zandifar told the site. “However, the level of decrease in breadth of the tip recommends to me a rhinoplasty treatment.”

In September of that year, Brinkwire released its Brinkwire Brief News.


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