Kevin McCloud praises a “wonderful” home on Grand Designs, calling it “madness and adventurous.”


Kevin McCloud praises a “wonderful” home on Grand Designs, calling it “madness and adventurous.”

On ITV’s This Morning, Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud praised a £2.5 million futuristic project that will be revealed on this week’s show as “amazing,” while labeling sections of the unique property as “madness” and “adventurous.”

Kevin McCloud, a designer and broadcaster for Channel 4, hosts Grand Designs, a show that features one-of-a-kind architectural masterpieces pursued by enthusiastic individuals. Kevin McCloud spoke on ITV’s This Morning to discuss this week’s program, which featured a £2.5 million futuristic property in south Devon with enormous zinc shards.

The 70-meter-long sculpture, which incorporates over 30 zinc shards, was inspired by the surrounding terrain. Joe O’Connor, a property and supercar investor, and his wife, Claire, created the concept.

Joe had set his sights high with the building’s plan, Kevin informed the show.

“Joe mentioned that his goal was to build one of the greatest residences on the planet; most of us, of course, only want to build a three-bedroom house,” Kevin explained.

Kevin responded, “There’s a little bit of crazy in there, but of course, it’s adventurous,” when asked if the building’s design was “adventurous” or “madness.”

“And here’s what I think is brilliant about it: so often you see a shopping center or museum with a shape like that, and you go inside and it’s boring, whereas that building was on the inside as it was on the outside, with all those shapes and shards you could read from the inside – I think it’s more like a museum.”

ITV presenter Eamonn Holmes asked later in the show if there had been a change in how individuals used space in their houses as a result of a change in lifestyle.

“Of course,” Kevin explained, “whereas 20 years ago people could have said I want a dining room, a formal room, a cinema room, nowadays it’s all about trying to give each space several roles, whether it’s for home education or putting a recording studio in people’s bedrooms.”

“And before Covid, I’d never seen so many bedrooms,” he added.

Before beginning a construction job, Kevin expressed his excitement at the potential of developing a one-of-a-kind design.

“At first, it’s an universe of limitless possibilities,” he explained.

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