Kep1er of Girls Planet 999 announces his debut album’s release date and concept art.


Kep1er of Girls Planet 999 announces his debut album’s release date and concept art.

Kep1er is a girl group created as a result of the K-pop survival show ‘Girls Planet 999.’

Even though the year is drawing to an end, fans are anticipating the launch of numerous already-popular K-pop groups. Starship and JYPE were the first to announce their new girl groups, IVE and JYPn, respectively. And now there’s a lot of buzz around Kep1er’s debut. Because they were established from Mnet’s K-pop survival show ‘Girls Planet 999,’ the female group stands out among the other future groups. The ambitious show had 99 participants from South Korea, Japan, and China, and over the course of 12 episodes, fans rooted for their favorites. And now the band that grew out of it has a release date and has begun teasing album details.

The top 9 females from ‘Girls Planet 999’ created Kep1er. Yeseo, Youngeun, Bahiyyih, Hikaru, Dayeon, Chaehyun, Xiaoting, Mashiro, and Yujin make up the group. With the members exhibiting their talent on the reality program and nailing every idea from girl crush to ferocious, fans are curious as to what their debut album’s subject will be. Kep1er announced its launch date and released the first batch of concept teasers on November 23.

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‘Girls Planet 999′: How long will Kep1er be active?’Girls Planet 999’: How long will Kep1er be active? Fans are anticipating the group’s debut. Kep1er has set a date for his debut. Kep1er teased some of the members with separate teaser photographs and omitted the debut date. The girl group will make its debut on December 14 at 6 p.m. KST with the release of their debut album (4 am ET). In the next days, we’ll also get concept images of the members in three-person groups. Yujin, Xiaoting, and Mashiro were the first to receive teasers. Yujin has expertise in the industry, having debuted with third-gen group CLC. As a result, he was voted as the leader. Xiaoting, a Chinese actress, had a successful run on ‘Girls Planet 999’ and was a constant contender for (hashtag)1 on the survival show. Mashiro, a Japanese member, was elected as co-leader.

The three girls wear preppy pink dresses that show off their young charms in the teaser photographs, implying that the trio is looking for a classy or girly concept. Mnet is also going all out for their debut marketing, announcing Kep1er’s first reality show, ‘Kep1er View,’ which will premiere on M2 YouTube channel on December 2 at 9 p.m. KST (7 a.m. ET). The girls also had their first magazine photoshoot for Dazed Korea, where they hosted a colourful garden party. However,. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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