Kenan Thompson Is Supposedly Earning Six Figures for His New Creative Project on ‘SNL.’


Kenan Thompson Is Supposedly Earning Six Figures for His New Creative Project on ‘SNL.’

Kenan Thompson’s life narrative is said to be quite valuable. The long-running Saturday Night Live performer has reportedly sold the rights to a comedy-filled biography for a (dollar)1 million payday, according to Page Six. According to the newspaper, the former Nickelodeon favorite was working on two book ideas. The funny memoir option drew the publisher’s attention, resulting in a seven-figure payment. SNL’s publicist declined to comment on the rumored deal.

Thompson, who has been in the industry since he was a child, will be writing his first memoir. Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, David Spade, Colin Jost, Gilda Radner, Amy Poehler, Jay Mohr, and others from Saturday Night Live have all produced memoirs in recent years.

Thompson holds the record for being the longest-serving cast member in the history of the NBC sketch comedy show. He’s been on the show since 2003 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Kenan, an NBC sitcom, also features him.

Thompson’s departure from Saturday Night Live was widely expected this year. After he crossed his fingers and declared the cast will all be back at the program around Thanksgiving, speculation regarding his departure began. According to an insider, the group had a “very emotional year.” Kenan is back for the big game.

His sitcom has been renewed for a second season, capping off a successful year for him. He also stated that he was a long-time Jeopardy! contestant. “Black Jeopardy!” was Alec Trebek’s favorite SNL parody. In an interview at the time, Thompson remarked, “That was the first thing he mentioned.” “‘God bless you for figuring out a way to do a ‘Jeopardy!’ behind the legendary Will Ferrell ‘Jeopardy!’,” he remarked. Anything Will Ferrell does seems to be kind of holy grail-ish, off-limits-ish, you know?” Thompson, who is now 46 years old, began his career on CNN’s Real News for Kids. He subsequently moved to Nickelodeon, where he found success with the teen sketch comedy show All That. Thompson and his sketch collaborator Kel Mitchell won their own show on Kenan and Kel. The two then starred in the cult classic Good Burger. Thompson, according to Mitchell, desired to strike off on his own.

Mitchell claims Thompson has fully disassociated himself from the brand they co-founded. In 2012, he stated, “The fact is Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any kind of media, or even have my name discussed around him.” “I… Entertainment News Brinkwire Summary


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