Kellie Harrington, the BBC host, breaks down in tears and says, “Lump in my throat.”


Kellie Harrington, the BBC host, breaks down in tears and says, “Lump in my throat.”

After Irish boxer Kellie Harrington broke down in tears during Sunday’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, OLYMPIC BREAKFAST host Sam Quek admitted to becoming “emotional.”

On Sunday, BBC host Sam Quek was joined in the studio by boxing champion Nicola Adams to provide commentary on the women’s boxing final. The last day of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has arrived, and emotions are running high after Irish boxer Kellie Harrington and Team GB boxer Lauren Price both won gold medals in boxing. Kelly came down in tears as she accepted her medal, indicating that it had been too much for Olympic Breakfast host Sam. Lauren later paid a homage to her grandfather, and she became tearful again.

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“What an emotional ceremony,” Sam said as Kelly took the podium. If you’re watching at home, you’re probably like us: viewing those heartbreaking scenes brings a knot to your throat.

“In the men’s doubles, she joins Paul Donovan and Fintan McCarthy to take Ireland.

“Nicola is following in Katie Taylor’s footsteps, who won gold in 2012.”

“Where do we go from here?” After winning gold, you decided to pursue a professional career. What point in your career did you decide to retire from amateur sports?”

“I guess it’s because I had achieved all I wanted as a boxer,” the former Strictly star answered.

“And after you’ve done it twice, it’s like you don’t have that fire and hunger anymore,” she says.

“And that’s when I realized I needed to do something different because if you don’t have that hunger, someone will be far more hungry than you.”

Nicola continued, “She [Kellie] is going to have a lot of opportunities.” “In Ireland, she is going to be a national hero.”

She went on to say, “She has a bright future ahead of her.” “It couldn’t have happened to a better person,” says the narrator.

Later, the BBC hosts saw Lauren Price win gold for Team GB in the women’s boxing final.

Lauren will now be the second woman to win an Olympic gold medal, following Nicola.

Lauren opened her remarks regarding her victory by saying, “It feels so fantastic.” That’s why I felt so nervous, especially with someone I had inspired.”

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