Keir Starmer’s attempts to ‘gain favor’ at the Labour Party conference are mocked by Jeremy Clarkson.


Keir Starmer’s attempts to ‘gain favor’ at the Labour Party conference are mocked by Jeremy Clarkson.

During his speech at the Labour Party conference last week, JEREMY CLARKSON mocked some of Sir Keir Starmer’s comments, calling them “idiotic.”

On September 30, Jeremy Clarkson, 61, delivered his judgement on Sir Keir Starmer’s much-anticipated Labour Party conference speech. And it wasn’t a particularly good one.

At the idiotic Labour Party Conference, Sir Starmer attempted to gain favor.

Clarkson, Jeremy

The farmer mocked the party leader in his Sun column as he made numerous major policy announcements at the five-day conference in Brighton on the economy, housing, employment, and education.

Sir Keir revealed the party now has a “viable agenda” to win the next general election, following their worst election setback since 1935 in 2019.

Jeremy, on the other hand, was not convinced.

“Sir Starmer tried to curry favor at the foolish Labour Party Conference this week by claiming that his father was a lowly toolmaker and his mother-in-law was Jewish,” he sighs.

“That’s correct.

“His aunt was an alpaca, his cousin a whale, all of his best friends at school were Africans, and he didn’t acquire his first pair of shoes until he was 32.”

He continued, jokingly: “Surprisingly, he never mentioned that his grandfather was constructed of Legos.

“As well as the fact that he inherited his hair.”

Jeremy was worried that he wouldn’t be able to run his 1,000-acre farm in the Cotswolds for much longer.

It comes after he dealt with some health issues including his knees, back, and lungs.

He penned the following on his numerous ailments: “When I’m coming down a set of stairs, my knees give me pause.

“If I try to walk up a hill, my back locks solid.

“Even looking at a bicycle makes my lungs feel like they’re on fire, and swimming makes me feel like I’m carrying a little vehicle on my back.”

He went on to say: “And things aren’t going to get any better, because lumps and gristle, as well as hip procedures, are on the way, forcing me to spend the remaining time in a rocking chair.

“Trying to complete an interesting azalea tale in Reader’s Digest.

“It makes me sad to think that this is the final time I’ve jumped off a boat and gone down my last black run.

“I may never see the sun rise. “Brinkwire News Summary “..


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