‘Keeps it new!’ says the narrator. Mrs Hinch fans share their best methods for making your vacuum cleaner smell “wonderful.”


‘Keeps it new!’ says the narrator. Mrs Hinch fans share their best methods for making your vacuum cleaner smell “wonderful.”

REMOVING a musty odor from a vacuum cleaner can be challenging, but a group of savvy cleaners has given some helpful methods to make the electrical equipment smell “wonderful.”

Mrs Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rocketed to stardom on social media, where she currently has over four million followers. Thousands of others have been inspired by her innovative ideas to adopt quick and easy cleaning approaches.

Cleaning aficionados have already started their own social media groups committed to assisting others in finding practical ways to keep their homes clean.

One member of the group wanted to know how to refresh a canister vacuum cleaner so it didn’t “smell horrible.”

One reader responded to the tweet by saying, “We put bin freshener on top of the bag so it smells beautiful.”

“Wash the filter, or if you have an air compressor, blow the dust out of it,” said a second internet user, “but wash and drying the filter is the best method.”

“Vacuum disks smell amazing!” said a third group member. Also, change the bag on a regular basis.”

“These are supposed to be brilliant,” one individual suggested, recommending Extra Strength Vac Air-Freshener.

“I put the Lenor beads on top of the filter, smells lovely when you’re using it,” one group member wrote.

“Cotton wool pad drenched in perfume / lavender oil placed in the bag,” one online user suggested.

“Pour essential oils or Zoflora in the bag,” suggested another.

“Once cleaned out, pop some Unstoppables inside, smells lovely when hoovering house,” one person suggested.

Wilko is selling Lenor Unstoppables Fresh Scent Booster for £2.00.

“I usually rinse everything thoroughly, let it totally dry, use some Zoflora on the filter, then in between uses, Lenor beads to hoover to keep it fresh,” one individual explained.

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“I put lemon shake n’ vac in it,” another group member wrote.

Shake n’Vac Glade For 99p, you can get a fresh lemon from Asda.

“Clean up the pipes, if you can soak them over night in hot water, leave them to dry for at least 48 hours,” one individual said. All should be well again with a new bag.”

“Wash the filter and make sure it is properly dried before use,” one group member wrote.

“I make up,” one online user said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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