Katie Rushworth explains her best suggestions for perennial flower “rewarding” with flowers.


Katie Rushworth explains her best suggestions for perennial flower “rewarding” with flowers.

During an episode of Love Your Garden, KATIE RUSHWORTH gave some helpful hints for picking a low-maintenance perennial, recommending a kind that will “reward you with flowers.”

On tonight’s episode of ITV’s Love Your Garden, the garden designer will join Alan Titchmarsh and his team. The group renovated a run-down outdoor space into a lovely tea garden in a previous episode.

Alan’s team redesigned a green space in Birmingham in honor of retired nurse Kath Ryan, who had helped hundreds of veterans.

Kath, affectionately known as the “cake woman,” had cooked scores of cakes for servicemen and women, some of whom had been gravely injured while on deployment.

The veterans were so moved by her generosity that they asked Alan’s crew to help them establish a tea garden where they could bake, socialize, and rest.

Alan explored the huge grounds of Admington Hall Gardens in Warwickshire to get ideas for the tea garden.

Alan pointed out the tall evergreens, which he regarded as “beautiful focus points” during his visit.

When it came to the tea garden, Alan suggested that a variety of pots and planters would be most suited for the low-maintenance green space while yet producing a “striking” outcome.

Katie, a garden designer, chose an Astrantia, a low-maintenance perennial that she praised for its quantity of flowers and ease of care.

“They are so easy to look after and they reward you with blooms for such a long time,” she commented as she planted one.

The herbaceous plant has “beautiful” stems that “float in between other planting,” she said.

“You can actually make it flower for a lot longer,” Katie added, adding that trimming the plant after its first set of flowers appeared was an effective approach for promoting both leaf and flower growth to persist through the autumn.

Katie suggested growing Astrantia in moist soil in a somewhat shady spot.

She also included low-maintenance shrubs like a Pittosporum and a Viburnum Tinus, which bloom for a long time and provide berries in the winter.

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Alan displayed some ferns that were suitable for planting under an after erecting a water fountain whose style was influenced by a visit to Admington Gardens. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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