Katie Price advises Harvey that he’isn’t anything to make fun of,’ while praising his bravery.


Katie Price advises Harvey that he’isn’t anything to make fun of,’ while praising his bravery.

Katie Price lauded her son Harvey and said she is “very proud of him” ahead of the premiere of Katie Price: Harvey and Me – A Mother’s Love, a documentary about their lives.

Katie Price has stated that her son Harvey “isn’t a joke,” and that she is extremely proud of him for conquering the challenges he encounters on a daily basis.

“He is my son,” she added, “and every day he climbs mountains and challenges that other people take for granted,” adding, “From the day he was born, my life has been about safeguarding him.”

“He has feelings, and I have feelings,” the caring mother added.

Katie was speaking ahead of the publication of her new book, Katie Price: Harvey and Me – A Mother’s Love, in which she stated that she wanted “everyone to know what it takes to be a mother of a seriously challenged child.”

The book chronicles their strong relationship, as well as Harvey’s struggles with letting go as he begins to live a more independent life away from her.

Katie added, “This is the most personal thing I’ve ever done.”

“Harvey is a one-of-a-kind individual. In a time when we all need a little more support, I aim to inspire other parents like me.” “There is no rule book when it comes to parenting,” she continued, “but nothing is typical, easy, or straight forward when your child is disabled.” And I adore and embrace it; that’s what distinguishes Harvey and caring for him.” Harvey was born with septic optic dysplasia, an uncommon disorder that affects brain function, hormones, and eyesight, and he has special needs on a daily basis.

Katie and Harvey’s life were chronicled in the BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me, which was nominated for a National Television Award earlier this year.

Harvey lived more autonomously as he turned 18 and progressed to adulthood, she said in the documentary.

She also met parents of children with learning difficulties, including a mother whose autistic son had been sectioned.

“The prospect of your kid being sectioned and the news I read surrounding this left me in shock,” Katie added, adding that she “could only fathom the misery she has gone through.”

“The system, without a question, requires change,” she remarked, adding, “It is because to outstanding professionals like Dr. Santos, whose life’s work has been to provide our children the. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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