Katie Hopkins was’reported to the police’ after breaking Australia’s tight lockdown restrictions.


Katie Hopkins was’reported to the police’ after breaking Australia’s tight lockdown restrictions.

KATIE HOPKINS is facing charges after allegedly bragging about breaking Sydney’s lockdown regulations.

This should never have happened, and now her actions are endangering others.

Andrew Giles is a writer from the United Kingdom.

The former LBC presenter posted a video to her YouTube page, saying she jumped out at hotel personnel who gave her meals, while gazing at the camera.

While discussing the epidemic in the now-deleted video, Katie said that the globe was “living through the greatest fraud in human history.”

“They’re trying to remove everything from you,” she explained, “and one of our strongest and most powerful weapons is a sense of humour, and someone like me is definitely a huge thorn in their side.”

Thousands of Australian nationals are stranded overseas due to lockdown laws, and Katie’s admission into the country has infuriated Australian MPs.

According to the Mirror, Katie stated, “I believe it’s a load of nonsense.” I think it’s a load of nonsense that I can be here and you can’t.

“I believe it is nonsense that families who need to see relatives in this city, whether they are dying or not… It’s nonsense that I’m here and you’re not.”

According to reports, the presenter informed her followers that she wants it to be “extremely clear” that her admittance into Australia was based on her work as a “gobby mouth.”

Katie later claimed that she had purposefully broken the rules that had been imposed on her by a cop.

“When they bring three meals a day to the door, I’m supposed to wait 30 seconds before opening the door,” she explained.

“Then I’ll be able to open the door, but only if I wear a face mask.”

She described her activities as follows: “I tried to answer the door as soon as I heard someone outside to frighten the s**t out of them and do it naked with no face mask,” she said.

“What I want is for the sergeant in the foyer to come up to me and scold me while I stand naked in the foyer.”

While it is unclear why she is in Sydney, it has been speculated that she would feature on Celebrity Big Brother, but Australian MPs have criticised the government for allowing her in.

Josh Burns, a federal Labour MP, wrote on Twitter, “Why on earth have you.” Brinkwire Summary News.”


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