Katie Flood discusses why she didn’t tell the truth about Lexi Wilson. I was taken aback!


Katie Flood discusses why she didn’t tell the truth about Lexi Wilson. I was taken aback!

The antics of stewardess Lexi Wilson on BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN have caused a stir this season, and head stew Katie Flood has finally explained why she didn’t divulge the entire details of her bad behavior.

Lexi Wilson’s activities during Lady Michelle’s staff party have already made the sixth season of Below Deck Mediterranean renowned. As the series continues on Bravo and Peacock, the chief stewardess has spoken out about her decision not to report her behavior to Captain Sandy Yawn.

Katie Flood has spoken out about Lexi Wilson’s heinous behavior on the most recent season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Throughout the charter, the divisive crew member has been instigating fights with her coworkers and has come under fire after a night of drinking went out of hand.

Flood revealed to Showbiz CheatSheet that her current state precluded her from recalling the entire episode.

In a new interview, she admitted, “I was genuinely extremely inebriated myself.”

“And I know I gave the impression that I was in control. I was taken aback when I saw it again!”

Michelle’s chief stew confirmed that she was too inebriated the next morning to piece together the events of the night.

She couldn’t recollect the events of the notorious hot tub party to her supervisor, Captain Sandy Yawn, due to her bad memory.

Despite her terrible behavior toward the rest of the team, Lexi Wilson got off quite lightly.

She verbally lashed out at the rest of the crew as the night progressed, having already established herself as the charter’s troublemaker.

Lexi then shoved Mzi “Zee” Dempers into the crew mess, and at an awkward period in the hot tub, she forced herself on deckhand Lloyd Spencer.

“I remember I remarked to Courtney [Veale] the next morning that Lexi lost her s**t last night with every single crew member,” Katie said.

Although she remembered the crew’s fight with the stew in question, the details were too hazy to deliver a complete report the next day.


Because the chief stew couldn’t recall her colleague’s exact comments, she didn’t feel comfortable telling Captain Sany about the events of the night.

“And I couldn’t tell you what she said word for word,” she explained.

“I’m not a liar,” she says. I’m not going to Captain Sandy and.”Brinkwire Summary News,” for example.


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