Katherine Moennig Reveals Shane’s True “Match” in “The L Word: Generation Q”


Katherine Moennig Reveals Shane’s True “Match” in “The L Word: Generation Q”

Shane McCutcheon’s dating past is littered with failed romances, one-night encounters, and major blunders.

However, there have been numerous outstanding bouts.

Some names that come to mind are Carmen de la Pica Morales (Sarah Shahi), Cherie Jaffe (Rosanna Arquette), and Molly Kroll (Clementine Ford).

But which was the most suitable for her? Shane’s new lover, Tess Van De Berg, is her true match, according to Katherine Moennig, who plays the adored character on The L Word: Generation Q.

[Warning: This page contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of The L Word: Generation Q.]

On ‘The L Word: Generation Q,’ who is Tess?

Tess was introduced as an employee at Shane’s bar, Dana’s, in the first season of The L Word: Generation Q, played by Jamie Clayton.

She does, however, become Shane’s friend as the show goes.

Tess has a fascinating personality, with a zest for life and a drive that draws people to her.

Sarah Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) and Carrie Walsh (Rosie O’Donnell) are two examples.

She eventually begins to assist Shane in running the poker games at Dana’s.

They appear to be drawn to one another as they work together more intimately.

They have a good rapport and chemistry, which makes their subsequent shift to lovers go smoothly.

By the end of the second season, the two are committed to each other and have even spoken the “L” word to each other.

Who Are the New Cast Members of ‘The L Word: Generation Q,’ and What Roles Do They Play?

Moennig’s favorite couple is Shane and Tess.

Tess is Moennig’s favorite of Shane McCutcheon’s girlfriends, she told Collider.

When asked about Shane’s connection with Tess, she told the outlet, “I would say, for the first time in The L Word history, Shane has found her match.” “Who knows where that’ll go, but Tess has a certain beauty to her since she doesn’t drink Shane’s Kool-Aid, which Shane notices. Shane is aware of this. It’s not like she expected her to, but it’s a nice change.” “Tess, like Shane, has her own agency, which is always an attractive attribute,” she continued. “In that way, they’re extremely equal.” That plot was fantastic – in fact, I think it’s my favorite Shane storyline of all time, old and new. I love how they’re both grownups who make errors and are still trying to sort things out.

They miscommunicate and misunderstand one another, despite the fact that… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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