Kate Middleton’s most expensive piece of jewelry, valued at £60 million, and who gave it to her.


Kate Middleton’s most valuable piece of jewelry is worth £60 million, and who gave it to her?

KATE MIDDLETON has worn some stunning large jewels over the years, but which one was the most expensive and valuable?

Kate Middleton has amassed and borrowed some incredible pieces of jewelry over the years, the majority of which came from the Royal Family’s collection.

This website has examined the Duchess of Cambridge’s most valuable possessions in honor of her 40th birthday this weekend, and diamond experts from Steven Stone jewellers have analyzed the pieces.

The value of the jewelry given to Kate and loaned to her over the years totals more than £82 million.

Princess Diana left her six pieces to her, which are estimated to be worth £16.5 million.

Her sapphire engagement ring, the Saudi sapphire suite, the Lover’s knot tiara, the three-strand pearl bracelet, the Collingwood earrings, and the South Sea pearl earrings are among them.

Queen Elizabeth has also loaned or gifted Kate ten pieces worth a total of £61.8 million.

The Queen Mary diamond choker, Cartier Halo tiara, Nizam of Hyderbad necklace, Maple Leaf brooch, New Zealand Fern brooch, and Royal Family Order brooch are among the ten items.

There are also Bahrain pearl earrings, Bahrain pearl choker, Dubai sapphire earrings, and Ruby and diamond floral bandeau necklace.

In terms of gifts from Prince William to Kate, she has received nine pieces worth £153,045 in their 11 years of marriage and the few years before they officially dated.

Cartier’s Olympic set, Ballon Bleu watch, Promise ring, Eternity band, Green tourmaline and amethyst earrings, shamrock brooch, personalised gold necklace, wedding band, and amethyst earrings are all owned by the Duke of Cambridge.

Prince Charles, Kate’s father-in-law, has also given her two pieces of jewelry worth £403,045: a diamond bracelet and a yellow and white gold jewelry set.

On the other hand, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has given Kate a £2,500 gold charm bracelet.

Kate also received a pair of Sapphire and diamond fringed earrings worth £23,000 from the Queen Mother.

Kate has worn Princess Margaret’s £4 million Lotus flower tiara.

So, what are the most valuable items, and what is their provenance?

The Queen’s Nizam of Hyderabad necklace is said to be one of the Royal Family’s most valuable pieces of jewelry.

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