Kate Middleton’s ‘compassionate’ body language makes her a ‘excellent interviewer,’ not a ‘about her’ interviewer.


Kate Middleton’s ‘compassionate’ body language makes her a ‘excellent interviewer,’ not a ‘about her’ interviewer.

KATE MIDDLETON sat down for a long conversation with a veteran and a 10-year-old Cub Scout on Remembrance Day.

Today is Remembrance Day, and Kate Middleton has added a new video to the Cambridges’ YouTube channel. A brand-new video of Kate enjoying a conversation on the sofa with a 98-year-old war veteran, Colonel Blum, and a 10-year-old child named Emily was released to royal admirers.

The three discussed the necessity of commemorating those who died in the First World War for their country.

The video was moving because it depicted three generations having the same conversation and discovering common ground.

Judi James, a body language specialist, discussed the Duchess of Cambridge’s body language in her most recent video with This website.

“Both Kate’s nonverbal and verbal characteristics here establish her as a great interviewer and host,” she remarked.

“There’s no point in her making this conversation about herself; instead, she skilfully enables Colonel Blum and Cub Scout Emily getting the best out of them.”

“Rather of adopting a ‘visiting royal’ position, Kate physically degrades herself here to lower her own status while elevating the prestige of her two visitors.”

“At the same time, she boldly and cleverly weaves the conversation’s threads together to make her visitors feel at ease enough to share their tales.”

“Emily is even encouraged to ask Colonel Blum her own questions.

“This quietly suggests that young individuals at home would enjoy doing the same thing with their own family or senior friends.”

“Kate employs active listening techniques in a way that few professional interviewers do.

“Her nodding, puckered mouth smile, and crinkled eye smile all convey a level of attentiveness that makes any speaker feel significant.”

“Her initial motions demonstrate how she is opening the floor to the two visitors by putting her hands out many times towards them, as if transferring the baton right away.

“Her facial expressions change as she listens to their stories, implying genuine interest and empathy.”

“The parts where she makes sympathetic noises and switches to a soothing vocal tone demonstrate the kind of emotional bond that should make her a popular Queen as well.”

“Her habit of rubbing her thumbs together shows intense concentration.

“Of course, there are her customary moments of shared amusement when she cracks jokes with Colonel Blum.”

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