Kate Middleton wears a £35,000 ruby ring that she describes as “beautiful” and “timeless.”


Kate Middleton wears a £35,000 ruby ring that she describes as “beautiful” and “timeless.”

KATE MIDDLETON has one of the most remarkable jewelry collections in the world, consisting of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, frequently accessorizes her ensembles with a variety of jewels from high-end designers as well as high-street companies. According to one expert, one of the rings in her collection is worth a whopping £35,000.

Despite the fact that the Duchess enjoys changing her necklaces and earrings, her rings are frequently the same.

Her sapphire engagement ring will be worn with her Welsh gold wedding band, as well as the occasional ring on her other hand.

One of Kate’s rings has been on display since she initially presented it in 2017 during a royal trip of Poland.

The Duchess wore her ruby ring with a white peplum cloak and matching ruby earrings from Alexander McQueen, her favorite designer.

It’s thought that the king chose this piece of jewelry as a nice nod to the Polish flag.

Kate rarely wears the gorgeous ring, despite its simplicity.

Roseanna Croft, proprietor of Roseanna Croft Jewellery, told This website that the ruby ring might be worth a lot.

“The Duchess of Cambridge’s ruby ring is a lovely piece of timeless yet ‘on trend’ jewellery – a step away from the traditional jewels worn by the Royal Family, and I estimate it to be worth in the area of £35,000,” she said.

“With a simple diamond set band highlighting the ruby even more, the setting is exquisite and really enables the stone to stand proud in the ring.”

The Duchess wears a ruby stone necklace and ruby drop earrings in addition to her ruby ring.

Although the Queen has similar jewels in her collection, including her beautiful Burmese tiara, the set is not regarded to be part of the royal collection.

Kate frequently coordinates her jewelry and accessories, ensuring sure they are the same color or style.

“She is reported to have worn it with a white Alexander McQueen peplum dress as a reference to the Polish flag colors when she was on tour with her family in Poland,” the expert continued.

The Duchess also has a stunning citrine ring in her collection, which was first noticed at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

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