Kate Middleton surpasses Queen Letizia to the title of “Master of Understated Elegance.”


Kate Middleton surpasses Queen Letizia to the title of “Master of Understated Elegance.”

KATE MIDDLETON, Duchess of Cambridge, is renowned for her exquisite taste and is regarded as a fashion icon by many. Spain’s Queen Letizia is one of the few European royals who can compete with Britain’s future queen. But who will emerge victorious in the fight?

It’s no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Letizia are frequently compared because they are two of Europe’s best-dressed royals.

They’re known for wearing high-street labels and not being hesitant to recycle old clothes.

Not only do they like similar looks and outfits, but they’ve also gone for the same hairstyle and makeup on numerous occasions, earning them praise for their similar sense of taste.

Both look beautiful in all of their public appearances and are known for their impeccable fashion sense.

It’s difficult to choose between Queen Letizia’s exquisite clothes and Kate’s naturally stunning style. They’re both regarded as true fashionistas.

“They’ve both undoubtedly featured alongside each other in their fair share of fashion round-ups,” said Stephen Sheldon, fashion expert and director of Luxury Legs.

“They have the same understanding of understated elegance,” the expert said, describing Queen Letizia’s style as “definitely one of formality and statement.” He went on to say that the two royals have a similar style and that, like Kate, “Queen Letizia will dress for the occasion.”

The pair has worn nearly identical clothing multiple times, and in the summer, they choose fitted pieces and floral dresses.

He did say, though, that there is another European monarch that is frequently likened to the British one in terms of appearance.

“When it comes to fashion, I’d say there are three European royals that are frequently compared.

“While Queen Letizia and the Duchess of Cambridge have a lot in common in terms of style,” he continued, “Princess Sofia of Sweden likewise harnesses this same thread of statement simplicity.”

“All three royals are adept at putting fashion advice from a wide range of tastemakers from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries into practice.

He continued, “They understand that less is sometimes more, but they aren’t hesitant to add a touch of luxury when the occasion calls for it.”

But who is it? “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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