Kate Garraway expresses her misgivings over a new BBC programme, saying, “I started off feeling really bad.”


Kate Garraway expresses her misgivings over a new BBC programme, saying, “I started off feeling really bad.”

KATE GARRAWAY has spoken out about the “guilt” she had at the outset of filming her new BBC Two show Walking with Kate Garraway, but says she’s discovered a “great sense of perspective” since then.

Kate Garraway, the presenter of Good Morning Britain, came to Instagram today to share her excitement for the forthcoming BBC Two programme Walking with Kate Garraway, which premieres tonight. Her misgivings about the “luxury” of letting herself to “simply be” were also explored.

Kate Garraway, 54, and her family have been through a lot during the pandemic, as her ITV series Kate Garraway: Finding Derek has revealed.

Kate permitted cameras to film her husband Derek Draper’s long battle with COVID-19, as well as how their family was forced to adapt, in the series.

According to the BBC, Kate’s new series will feature her “walking around the Cotswold countryside and describing the joy and solace that nature gives as she takes in the magnificent sights of Gloucestershire.”

Kate shared a promotional photo of the show on social media with her one million Instagram followers, offering her opinions on the new endeavor.

Kate included a touching statement next to the poster, which shows her smiling and surrounded by plants.

“I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this incredible series – my episode airs tonight at 7 p.m. on BBC2…” she began.

“It was such a beautiful day of filming because it was the first and only day I had spent alone since Derek and the kids returned home from the hospital.”

“At first, I felt quite bad about having the room, soaked in nature, to just ‘be,” she explained.

Kate, on the other hand, was originally overcome with guilt at the notion of being alone in nature and away from her family, but she eventually gained a more positive perspective on the experience.

“And then, as time went on, as I walked and walked on my own, I gradually discovered a great sense of perspective & energy replenishment,” she continued.

“I find the rhythm of walking to be incredibly relaxing.

“I believe science says it has something to do with balancing both halves of the brain with the.”


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