Kate Bishop’s Hero Transformation in ‘Hawkeye’ is linked to ‘The Avengers.’


Kate Bishop’s Hero Transformation in ‘Hawkeye’ is linked to ‘The Avengers.’

Warning: There are spoilers in this article for the Disney Plus series Hawkeye.

The next phase of Disney Plus and Marvel Studios original content begins now that the Hawkeye era has officially arrived.

On Wednesday, November 1st,

The first two episodes of the miniseries were premiered on 24, introducing fans to an exciting new adventure.

Nothing can go wrong, right? Well, not exactly. The series takes us to a place we’ve never seen before in a superhero film: light descending snow and twinkling lights envelope New York City in a Christmas setting — nothing can go wrong, right?

Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a 22-year-old who admires Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), aka Hawkeye, is introduced in the two-episode premiere.

Even the first episode demonstrates why Kate holds Clint in such high regard.

It also reveals how he motivated Kate to become a hero.

Proceed with caution because we’re about to go into Episode 1 spoilers.

In 2012, the series premieres in New York City.

We immediately see where this is going.

The camera pans to a young Kate Bishop, who is eavesdropping on her parents’ tense conversation.

Derek, Kate’s father, pays her a visit before reconciling with Eleanor, Kate’s mother.

Eleanor and Kate eat lunch before getting ready for a game of checkers as Derek heads to his office.

Isn’t it just another ordinary day?

Until the Chitauri attack New York City, that is.

Kate looks outside through the open space of her home, desperate to find her family.

Hawkeye is seen in the Battle of New York from Kate’s perspective.

Her mother eventually locates her and transports her to a safe location.

The parallels.Hawkeye (hashtag)HawkeyeSeries (hashtag)JeremyRenner (hashtag)HaileeSteinfeld (hashtag)KateBishop pic.twitter.comL71rTUfle4

The Bishop girls are mourning Derek’s death after a cut occurs.

Eleanor assures her daughter that she will be looked after and protected, and she asks if she requires anything.

Kate says she needs a bow and arrow right away because she saw an Avenger use one during the fight.

Thus, Kate Bishop’s desire to become a crime-fighting hero is primarily inspired by Clint Barton-Hawkeye’s bravery and courage during the events of the 2012 film The Avengers.

But how does this compare to Kate’s motivation in the comics?

Her Marvel Comics character, like Kate in Hawkeye, has always looked up to the skilled archer Hawkeye.

Her initial motivation for wanting to be a…

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