Kate Beckinsale was brought to a Las Vegas hospital for treatment because her health was “unclear.”


Kate Beckinsale was brought to a Las Vegas hospital for treatment because her health was “unclear.”

KATE BECKINSALE is said to have been transported to a Las Vegas hospital after suffering a back injury.

Kate Beckinsale, star of the film Underworld, was transported to the hospital for treatment today morning about 10:30 a.m. According to TMZ, the celebrity was transported to a Las Vegas hospital’s emergency room after his back went out.

According to the news outlet, Kate is still in the ER and her health is unknown.

Kate’s representative has been approached for comment by this publication.

Kate Middleton, a British actress, is rumored to have been staying at the MGM Grand’s Signature.

The actress has been hard at work on her latest film, Prisoner’s Daughter, in Las Vegas.

Kate hasn’t updated her fans on social media since her alleged car accident.

She did, however, upload a photo from Vegas yesterday in which she posed like a pro in a white lace gown.

In front of her 4.9 million followers, she captioned the photo, “Oops #Vegas.”

In her new project, Kate will star with Brian Cox and Tyson Ritter.

The actress recently reunited with her daughter Lily in New York after a two-year separation because to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kate spoke up about the matter on Live with Kelly and Ryan in the United States.

“I haven’t seen my daughter in two years because of everything,” the actress stated. Also, I went to Canada to work and she was unable to see me.”

She stated that she and her daughter had kept in touch via internet conversations, but she was worried about seeing her in person for the first time in such a long time.

“The idea of not seeing your child for two years is insane.

“Thank God for FaceTime and all that,” she continued, “but we’re both worried that we’ll look terribly elderly to each other.”

“My daughter is 22, yet she has the appearance of an eight-year-old!” she exclaimed.

“So she’s like, ‘I’m just concerned you’ll think I look old,’ but I’m going to look old.”

Kate is from Essex, but she traveled to Canada at the beginning of this year to film her new TV show, Jolt.

Kate and actor Michael Sheen have a daughter, Lily, who resides in New York.

After eight years together, Kate and Michael divorced in 2003.

After divorcing with her fiancé, Canadian artist Goody Grace, 24, last year, the Hollywood actress is said to have spent the winter alone.


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