Kaleb Cooper is irritated by Jeremy Clarkson’s continuous phone calls about farm difficulties.


Kaleb Cooper is irritated by Jeremy Clarkson’s continuous phone calls about farm difficulties.

THE MOST RECENT PROJECT OF JEREMY CLARKSON Clarkson’s Farm has been unfamiliar ground for the former Top Gear host. Farm manager Kaleb Cooper dealt with Jeremy’s lack of farming abilities in the Amazon Prime series.

Clarkson’s Farm was a documentary that followed Jeremy Clarkson as he learned about farming from locals and his hardworking team. The series didn’t get off to the best of starts as Jeremy couldn’t grasp the basics of farm management, leaving Kaleb irritated and annoyed. The broadcaster has now revealed how the farm manager frequently irritates him.

As Jeremy struggled to get control of his 1,000-acre working farm in the Cotswolds, Kaleb, Jeremy’s 21-year-old farm manager, grew upset by Jeremy’s inability to get into the swing of farming life.

As challenges with harvesting, driving a tractor, and sowing arose, the two frequently fought.

Jeremy revealed that the issues are still present and that he irritates Kaleb by frequently phoning him for guidance.

“Even now, about two years later, I still look in the back of my tractor and watch Kaleb put things on and take things off a thousand times, and I’m still not 100 percent sure how to do it,” he added.

“And I’d want to be able to walk out and hook up the drill,” she says. But I have to call Kaleb, and that irritates him.”

In an interview with Farmer’s Weekly, he said of his battle to learn, “I listen, well, I try to listen, as much as I can.”

To Kaleb’s chagrin, Jeremy has attempted tractoring, sheep herding, creating a farm shop to sell his own products, learning to be a naturalist, harvesting, and dealing with inclement weather, all with less-than-ideal results.

The farm manager has done his best to maintain his composure, especially when Jeremy would approach him and claim to be “confused” about what he was doing.

Kaleb lost his cool with Jeremy around Clarkson’s Farm when he didn’t follow his orders properly.

Kaleb was shocked to discover his supervisor had not allowed enough room for him to fertilize the crops while cultivating the fields.

He shouted, “What have you done?” “How will I know where to drive when I come to spray it and fertilize it?”

“I’ve learned my lesson now, and I won’t do it again,” Jeremy said meekly.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” by Kaleb, 21.


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