Kailyn Lowry, a teen mom, has a new TikTok video where she jokes about being “the villain” and “the drama” as she feuds with her baby daddies.


Kailyn Lowry, a teen mom, has a new TikTok video where she jokes about being “the villain” and “the drama” as she feuds with her baby daddies.

KAILYN Lowry joked that because she’s the “common denominator” in her failed relationships, she might be the “villain” and “drama.”

The Teen Mom 2 star reportedly described her “greatest pet hate” as “deadbeat baby dads.”

Kailyn, 29, shared a new funny video on TikTok in which she joked about being “the villain” in previous relationships.

The reality personality was recorded applying lipgloss while mouthing the words: “Is it just me? Is it possible that I’m the source of the drama? I don’t believe I’m the source of the drama.

“Perhaps I am. Am I the bad guy? I don’t believe I’m the bad guy, “While a voiceover played in the background, she repeated herself.

“When you have three baby fathers and realize you’re the common denominator,” Kailyn said sarcastically in the video.

Fans chimed in with their thoughts on who produces the most “trouble” in the TV personality’s life, with many agreeing that she is the instigator.

“It’s absolutely you babe,” one slammed, “as someone who has been watching Teen Mom since I was 12.”

Kailyn, on the other hand, clapped back: “Because, no, you should rewatch it all as an adult. Simply. No.” Another has been shattered: “Yes, indeed. You’re the one. You’ve always been the one. You’re the center of attention. You’re the bad guy.” “You’re definitely the bad guy,” a third roasted, adding a red heart emoji. Kailyn, on the other hand, was ready to disagree, writing back, “I’m not.” “Definitely the drama when you’ve had a problem with all three AND their new gfs,” one person said, to which the mother of four added, “Debatable.” Her video came after she revealed that her biggest pet peeve is her “deadbeat baby daddy.” Kailyn has four children with three different men: Chris Lopez has Lux and Creed, Jo Rivera has Isaac, and Javi Marroquin has Lincoln.

She asked people to reveal things that irritate or infuriate them last week, and the Teen Mom posted her favorites for all to see.

“My deadbeat baby daddy,” one follower remarked “which the young mother chose to re-post alongside a photo of herself happy and giggling.

Kailyn has been wreaking havoc on her most recent ex, Chris, after their romance came to a halt.

Despite the fact that they are co-parenting, the situation has not been cordial, especially when he and Javi Marroquin’s former Lauren Comeau allegedly branded her a “fat f**k” and a “fat piece of s**t.”

“Shout out to Chris & Lauren for calling me a big f**k, fat POS and telling me to go running,” the Pennsylvania native wrote lately.

Their feud was exacerbated when MTV supposedly hired Chris for the show without first informing Kailyn.

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