Kadeena Cox claims that ITV has ‘plans in place’ to help her manage her eating disorder on the show.


Kadeena Cox claims that ITV has ‘plans in place’ to help her manage her eating disorder on the show.

Kadeena Cox of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has revealed that ITV has “plans in place” to assist her in managing her eating disorder on the show.

The 30-year-old actress has been candid about her body image issues, which reached a head in 2019 when she went days without eating due to overtraining.

However, the paralympian was adamant that she would not let fear of triggering her eating disorder prevent her from participating in this year’s series of the reality show.

Kadeena revealed that she spoke with her psychiatrist before going to camp, and she hopes that her recovery will inspire viewers despite the harsh conditions.

“It’s something I’ve discussed with my psychiatrist, and we’ve put things in place,” she said.

“Over the last two, three years, I’ve worked really hard to gain control of it.”

Rather than struggling in there, I’m hoping to showcase my progress and show people that there is hope.”

Kadeena also told MailOnline that she is determined not to let her disabilities hold her back, citing a stroke that left her unable to butter her own toast in 2014.

The star was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the same year, which she admitted had an impact.

“Disordered eating became a big part of my life,” the sprinter and cyclist admitted.

“I went from being an elite athlete before becoming ill to doing nothing, taking steroids, and relying on my mother to feed me.”

In less than two months, I may have gained three stone.

I quickly transformed into someone I didn’t recognize.

“As a result, I had a lot of issues with my body image.”

MS seemed to have robbed me of (my body image).

In 2019, I realized I was doing myself a disservice by not eating for three days while over-training.”

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“I finally confronted my eating disorder in 2019, after I’d won the world championships and I was just mentally in a horrible place,” Cox said.

“I was shattered.

I told someone who was interviewing me about all of my difficulties.”

Her gold medal in track cycling was successfully defended during her summer success at the Tokyo Paralympics.

While she was out there, Kadeena admitted that she “struggled” with her eating disorder, but that she was “nowhere near as bad as I was.”

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