Justin Duggar’s Texas home was not sold to him by Jim Bob Duggar, according to the latest Duggar news.


The latest Duggar news has largely surrounded Josh Duggar’s trial and April 2021 arrest.

But now, fans and critics of the Duggar family have their sights set on Justin Duggar. Justin and his young wife, Claire Spivey, recently moved to Texas — and it seems he bought a home that wasn’t first owned by his real estate-savvy father, Jim Bob Duggar. Here’s what we know.

Justin Duggar is the youngest Duggar to marry

There’s frequent Duggar news about the Duggar family members marrying young — and Justin Duggar isn’t any different. In late 2020, fans and critics of Counting On watched as Justin announced his courtship to Claire Spivey.

Then, a day after he turned 18 (and just a few months after first announcing his courtship), he and Claire became engaged.

At the time, Claire was also just 19 years old.

By February 2021, Claire and Justin formally announced they married via Instagram.

Their brief courtship and quick engagement raised eyebrows, of course, but the couple claimed they dated a lot longer than they let on.

“We announced to the family for official documentation in May!!” Claire told an Instagram user. “Until that time, everyone knew we were close ‘friends’ and we chose to not say we were official till May. So, it was 14 months, we just kept eight of them quiet.”

Duggar news: Justin Duggar bought a home — and Jim Bob Duggar didn’t sell it to him

Justin Duggar just broke Duggar news thanks to his purchase of a home.

According to In Touch Weekly, Justin and Claire purchased a place in Texas — several hours away from the large Duggar family home in Arkansas.

The couple bought the 737-square-foot place on Sept. 9, 2021, and it’s estimated to be worth about $134,700.

This also puts the couple quite close to Claire’s parents.

Prior to this home, Justin bought a house from Jim Bob Duggar for just $1.

But In Touch Weekly notes he sold that property for $195,000 — a healthy profit that certainly helped him buy the Texas property.

Not only did Jim Bob seemingly not pay for the new Texas place, but Claire verified via Instagram Justin bought her engagement ring with his own money. “Justin paid for the ring!” she wrote to an Instagram user. “Not a dime of it was someone else’s money. He is super motivated and does well at his job. He’s been graduated for quite a while and has… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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