Justin Duggar’s fiancée’s family is already proving to be close to Anna Duggar’s wife, Josh Duggar.


Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob have 19 children. Now their youngest kids are also growing up quickly and getting ready for marriage.

At just 18, Justin Duggar is engaged and his fiancée, Claire Spivey, is very famous with the entire family. It seems Claire’s mother, Hilary Spivey, is also beginning to get along well with Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife. This is illustrated by a photo shared on Instagram, which shows that the ladies are getting closer.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are committed to getting married.

‘Counting On’: Justin Duggar’s fiancée Claire Spivey reveals that for months they have been dating secretly.

For their fast engagements at a young age, fans know the Duggars well, as their engagements are usually just a few months long. Justin still seems to be heading this path. Shortly after turning 18, and just two months after they told their fans they were courting each other, he revealed his engagement to Claire.

On Nov. 16, the couple told Us Weekly, ” the couple told Us Weekly on Nov. 16. ” In faith in Christ, passion for each other and happiness, we can’t wait to get married and look forward to a life together! ”

Some detractors of the Duggar family seem to suggest that Justin and Claire are not fully frank about their marriage.

Some Reddit users stated that they have actually been engaged for longer than they admit, after the couple revealed their plans to tie the knot.

One Reddit user suggested, “They’ve probably been engaged longer than that and took pictures last week to announce it once he turned 18,” “We know they don’t go public with an engagement unless marriage is a done deal.”

On Anna Duggar’s Instagram, Claire’s mom commented

It seems like the other Duggars are getting along with Claire’s family very well. Several of Justin’s siblings have gone to Instagram to congratulate him on the exciting news.

And Anna, Josh’s wife, had a playful exchange of letters with Hilary, Claire’s mother, online.

I thought you were hiding cigarette butts in your tree at first glance, Anna! Hilary posted on Anna’s Instagram post riddled with Nerf darts about her Christmas tree.

To this, Anna replied with many emojis of her weeping and laughing face.

Some critics claim that both Anna and Hilary are lonely and hoping for friendship, this kind of interaction proves.

“Their husbands are gone all day so they have no one to talk to age wise,”Their husbands are gone all day so that they have no one to talk to age wise. “Everyone’s best friend seems to be their sister or ‘sister in love’.”

Some think that the relationship between Hilary Spivey and Anna is rude.

Claire Spivey is formally courted by Justin Duggar! https://t.co/kqgyvv2FRA pic.twitter.com/UAjWIJ7BBa- HollywoodLife (@HollywoodLife) September 21, 2020While Hilary obviously tried to make a joke about Anna’s Christmas tree, some Reddit users don’t think Hilary had to make the connection.

“This kind of looks like Hilary is unobtrusively throwing shade at Anna,”This kind of looks like Hilary is unobtrusively throwing shade at Anna,”If you even begin to think that, you think there’s a chance someone in Anna’s household smokes, which I would assume would be a scandalous ban for her.”If you even start considering that, you think there’s a chance that someone smokes in Anna’s household, which I’d assume would be a scandalous ban for her.

Another commented: “Yes, the joke made no sense and suggested that A N N A would smoke around her children,”

“I know that this is their joke attempt, but telling your future relatives that their tree looks like it’s full of cigarettes is…. A choice,” another critic added.

As she’s close friends with all her Duggar in-laws and probably also wants to be friends with Hilary, we’re sure Anna didn’t take it too personally. We’ll keep our eyes open to see if Anna and Hilary have more online interactions to deepen their budding friendship.


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