Just days after Katie Price’s scathing rant, Emily Andre is battling a “terrible” health issue.


Just days after Katie Price’s scathing rant, Emily Andre is battling a “terrible” health issue.

Following a vacation abroad and in the wake of Katie Price’s recent online attacks, Peter Andre’s wife, Dr Emily Andre, has spoken out about her migraines.

Emily Andre has opened up about her recent health problems, revealing that she has been suffering for the “first time in ages.”

Since returning to the UK, the 32-year-old junior doctor has been suffering from migraines, according to her husband, popstar Peter Andre.

“I had the first migraine I’d had in ages a few days after returning from Dubai,” she explained.

I’d almost forgotten how painful a migraine can be!”

“They used to make me vomit and make one of my eyes go blind, which was horrible.”

I’ve tried a variety of treatments from my doctor in the past, but the thing that has made the biggest difference for me is Botox across the top of my forehead.”

“It’s unclear how it helps with migraines, but it can be applied to the forehead, above the ears, or even the neck,” says the author.

Despite claiming she wants to stay out of the spotlight, Peter’s ex-wife Katie Price recently slammed Emily, accusing her of exploiting Katie’s children.

“My mouth has been shut for so long but I’ve had enough of people selling stories on me, especially this so-called woman Emily,” the mother of five wrote on social media.

“[She] has always stated that she “doesn’t want to be famous,” but she has done a good job of avoiding the media and television, and is now attempting to make a career out of it.”

I’m cringing.”

When Brinkwire contacted Emily and Peter’s representatives, they declined to comment.

Emily, a mother of two, appeared on Loose Women recently via video call to discuss her new book Growing Up For Girls.

Christine Lampard, the show’s host, welcomed Emily to the show and inquired as to why she felt “compelled” to write the book, which is aimed at children aged nine and up.

“It’s a funny thought when you think,” Emily replied.

“Adults have all gone through puberty, but it’s still a taboo subject to discuss.”

“Having gone through it and faced some of the challenges myself, I thought it might be a good topic to write about.”

“Whether it’s to encourage children to read, to answer some of their questions, or to serve as a link between children and their parents.”

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