Jungkook of BTS reportedly had a pleasant response when he was called by an airport employee by the wrong name.


Some celebrities have a reputation, especially for serving individuals, for being rude and arrogant. It appears, however, that BTS’s Jungkook is not one of those famous individuals.

An airport employee once told the tale of how she inadvertently addressed Jungkook by the wrong name when she responded. He replied to her in a nice way instead of getting upset.

An airport worker once recalled what happened when she mistakenly called Jungkook’s name

An airport worker posted a tale of her relationship with BTS at her workplace in October 2020. She was not a fan of the group at the time, according to sources, but she grew fond of them and eventually joined the ARMY.

The airport employee announced, according to Koreaboo, that she named the youngest BTS member “Jin Jungkook” instead of his real name “Jeon Jungkook.” She apologised to him when she realized her error.

“I misread his name and when I looked up at him in panic, he just smiled at me with twinkling eyes,” she said.

Jungkook told her in response, “It’s okay.”

It was identified as very nice by J-Hope

BTS’s J-Hope jokes about the “greed” of the party for more gains.

While she did not seem to have too much to do with them, the airport employee also spoke about the other representatives. She did, however, note that during her interactions with him, J-Hope was really nice – something that confirms what many fans know about him.

She recalled, “He also asked me if he needed to take off his glasses and that one sentence made me feel like he was a good person with great manners,” “Because of my job, I often see celebrities, but he is the first one who took off his mask and glasses before I asked. His look and overall charisma are really friendly and kind. If happy energy was a person, it would be him.”

In real life, BTS’ chemistry was allegedly the same as in their videos.

BTS showed how distinct their personalities are from their normal selves.

The airport worker also took notice of how the members of the BTS behaved when they were not serving as stars of K-pop.

First of all, she thought it was “cute” how the surveillance camera fascinated these foreign superstars and the fact that they could see themselves on a television.

The staffer also said in the English translation of her post that their experiences with each other showed her that, as seen in their videos and reality shows, they had strong chemistry.

“They looked really happy when they talked to each other,” she wrote. “Even after watching stuff like Bangtan Bomb, Run BTS, etc., I found out that they are just like what I saw that day. Of course, I may not know all of them, but I could just feel it.”

She also confirmed that the BTS members were “the most famous and also the most polite people.” of all the celebrities she encountered while working at the airport.


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