Jung Ho-yeon has gone from breakout ‘Squid Game’ celebrity to global spokesperson for Louis Vuitton.


Jung Ho-yeon has gone from breakout ‘Squid Game’ celebrity to global spokesperson for Louis Vuitton.

Here’s how the South Korean model moved from magazine covers to Netflix to being the spokesperson for the French fashion business.

Netflix has given the French fashion house Louis Vuitton (LV) a new global ambassador. In a breathtaking Instagram photo, ‘Squid Game’ actor Jung Ho-yeon was announced as LV’s newest worldwide ambassador. It comes only weeks after the actor’s performance in the Korean drama series, which was her first major film debut, went viral. Ho-announcement yeon’s was preceded by her becoming Korea’s most-followed actress on Instagram, with more than 13 million followers.

Ho-yeon is the latest in a long line of Korean celebrities to achieve international acclaim. BTS, a Korean boy band, has been dominating pop music for a few years and recently partnered with Coldplay on the song “My Universe.” Korean celebrities, from GOT7’s Mark Turan to girl trio Blackpink, are expected to dominate Paris Fashion Week in 2022. It’s apparent that Korean celebrities have gone global, and LV divided to bring in Ho-yeon.

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What’s the deal with Kai’s popularity? The EXO member is the first Korean celebrity to partner with Gucci and has a collection named after him. Shotaro, the newest member of NCT, does his first solo magazine shoot with Vogue. “Perfectly portraying the independent #LouisVuitton woman,” the group noted in their Instagram reveal, “the Netflix #SquidGame star embarks on this new journey with the Maison after first gracing the runway and being featured in a ready-to-wear campaign in 2017.” It’s a huge step up for the model, who was previously dubbed “Korea’s Next Top Model.” Here’s her backstory in case you’re curious about how she got here.

Korea’s beginnings

Ho-yeon began modeling at the age of 16, a decision she made solely on the basis of her height. “I pondered, “What should I do for a living so that I may continue to feed myself?” And I thought to myself, “Oh, I’m tall, why don’t I try modeling?” “In 2015, she told Vogue. And with that, she embarked on a career path with little assistance. Ho-yeon had no relationships or agency representation when he first started out. She made all of her own cold calls and went to castings.

Her perseverance eventually paid off. She cold-called ESteem Models in 2012 and was immediately signed following an interview. She had previously pulled out of ‘Korea’s Next Top Model,’ but with ESteem on her side, she was able to re-enter the competition and place second. Ho-yeon got the exposure she needed from the appearance, and after years of freelancing and knocking on doors, she finally got those doors. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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