Julie Andrews hurled a ‘Stream of Colorful Expletives’ after an accident while filming ‘Mary Poppins.’


Julie Andrews hurled a ‘Stream of Colorful Expletives’ after an accident while filming ‘Mary Poppins.’

Julie Andrews earned an Academy Award for her role as a magical nanny in Mary Poppins, a wholesome family favorite.

Because she was several months pregnant, she wasn’t sure she’d get the job at first, but Walt Disney executives arranged for production to wait for her.

Andrews’ official film debut was Mary Poppins, but things weren’t always going smoothly behind the scenes. In truth, such flying sceneries were both unpleasant and dangerous.

Andrews was in a bad mood after a terrible fall, cursing the moon and stars.

Julie Andrews was filming ‘Mary Poppins’ when she plunged through the air.

Mary Poppins wowed audiences with her flying powers and whimsical approach to child care, transforming her into a sweet witchy superhero.

Andrews reminisced on her time working on the 1964 film, marveling at the technical elements of crafting realistic, believable sequences.

But it wasn’t all sweetness and spice in those flying moments.

She described one terrible circumstance that caused her to collapse in her book, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years.

Andrews stated, “I saved my most perilous flying scenes until the conclusion of our filming schedule, presumably in case of an accident.” “I’d been hanging in the rafters for a long time on one of my last takes, waiting for the tech team to arrive. My supporting wires dropped by roughly a foot all of a sudden. I grew really nervous and went downstairs to speak with the stage manager…” Andrews requested that they gently lower her, and her request was relayed to the person in charge of her wiring across the studio.

Her cable gave way as they guided her cautious descent, and she fell into the stage.

“Like a ton of bricks, I crashed to the stage.”

There was a deafening silence before Joe’s distant voice cried out, ‘Is she down yet?’ Andrews remembered, “I have to admit, I let fly a stream of colorful expletives.” She went on to say that she escaped damage because to several counterweights that broke her fall, but she was shaken by the whole incident.

A stunt person was used on Mary Poppins’ arrival flight.

Do you recall Mary Poppins floating down with her umbrella and landing at the Banks’ house? Andrews wasn’t the one flying through the air on wires; it was his stunt double, Larri Thomas. Andrews revealed, “She was a fantastic dancer and talented stuntwoman, and we did look somewhat identical.”

After that, Thomas acted as a stand-in for her in The Sound of Music.

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