Julian Norton of The Yorkshire Vet explains the ‘issues’ at the surgery. ‘It’s difficult enough as it is.’


Julian Norton of The Yorkshire Vet explains the ‘issues’ at the surgery. ‘It’s difficult enough as it is.’

Julian Norton, the YORKSHIRE VET, spoke about some of the problems at the renowned Skeldale Veterinary Centre.

Julian, 49, and Peter Wright, 64, are followed by The Yorkshire Vet as they care a variety of animals back to health in their North Yorkshire practices. Julian recently discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his career and the famous Channel 5 show, and confessed that there were issues at the surgery.

“Back at the surgery, it’s been quite difficult because we haven’t been able to allow owners to bring their pets into the practice, so that’s caused problems,” he said of the pandemic.

“At first, I had the impression that we wouldn’t be able to execute the task efficiently because there were so many roadblocks.”

“And it’s hard enough in the best of times,” he said, “but when you’ve got all these additional barriers to get around and over, it’s even harder.”

“It wasn’t easy, but as I said, it was amazing to be able to get out and work a lot more efficiently than some people.”

Julian has been a regular on the show since its inception in 2015, but the procedure, like so many others, was hampered by the pandemic’s limits.

He also discussed how filming was effected in an interview with Fiona Thompson, chairperson of the RTS Yorkshire Centre, from 2020.

“It pretty much came to a halt,” he said. “I believe we took approximately six weeks off totally.

“We’re back working outside now, not in the clinic, but in places where we can film outside – like fields and that sort of thing – and with a smaller crew, usually just a camera and a sound person.

Now is the time to tune in to Channel 5 for ‘Today at the Great Yorkshire Show’!

At the @GreatYorkshireShow, Jules is getting ready for another great day. He’ll be assisting with the carving of some stunning wooden sculptures today, using some odd tools. @itsanitarani @[email protected] tv pic.twitter.com/muXCNkRwQB @itsanitarani @[email protected] tv

“I think we have a lot more flexibility with small teams and small units than some of the larger productions that are going on, so it hasn’t been as bad.”

The most recent series of The Yorkshire Vet aired in April of this year, and featured new faces from all three Yorkshire practices.

Peter made the decision to depart his “Brinkwire Summary News” earlier this year.


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