Julia Bradbury has received an outpouring of support following her ‘first day out with family’ following her cancer surgery.


Julia Bradbury has received an outpouring of support following her cancer surgery and her “first day out with family.”

JULIA BRADBURY indulged in some “green therapy” on her first family outing after a grueling mastectomy.

Julia Bradbury has been through a lot since she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

However, as she ventured out with her loved ones after the major op, she was inundated with support from followers who encouraged her to keep going.

One of my first days out with the family since my op, and I must say, it’s the ideal location for me.

Julia Bradbury is a writer who lives in the United States

She revealed her latest news on Instagram, writing, “Back to @kewgardens andamp; the incredible Hive installation.”

“A thousand LED lights pulse in time with the vibrations of the Kew bees.”

“The Hive is a visual celebration of Britain’s honeybees, designed by UK-based artist Wolfgang Buttress.

“A gentle humming sound reverberates in the aluminium mesh skeleton when you walk in, in the key of C – the key that bees buzz in.”

“The Hive was created to remind us of the vital role that bees play in the survival of life.”

Bees and Kew are two of my favorite things.

“PS This is one of my first days out with the family since my op, and I have to say, it’s the ideal location for me.”

They, to be precise.

“Trees,” says the speaker.

There is a lot of it.

She added, “I’m tired now,” with a sleep emoji.

She went on to say that the Hive was recently awarded a Landscape Institute Award for its “immersive impact” on visitors.

She appeared to be harnessing the healing power of nature through the hashtag (hashtag)greentherapy.

She had documented her last ever walk weeks before the mastectomy, implying that the calming influence of the outdoors had been her support throughout.

Julia is an “outdoor evangelist” who campaigns to prevent plastic pollution from harming ocean habitats and wildlife.

Her most recent Instagram and Twitter post about her time at Kew drew a flood of supportive messages.

“Fantastic! I took my family to Kew Gardens as well, and we had a wonderful time,” @Ellenieanna wrote.

“What a fantastic way to heal physically and mentally.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful, well-deserved vacation.”

“You’re looking well Julia considering what you’ve been through, it’s that gorgeous smile that does it,” @1sjury agreed.

“It sounds wonderful you have encouraged me,” @activistdancema continued.

“News from the Brinkwire.”

One of my first days out with the fam since my op & have to say it’s the perfect place for me

Julia Bradbury


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