Julia Bradbury has been dubbed ‘Superwoman’ after undergoing breast cancer surgery.


Julia Bradbury has been dubbed ‘Superwoman’ after undergoing breast cancer surgery.

JULIA BRADBURY has given a new update on her breast cancer struggle after being dubbed a “superwoman.”

Julia Bradbury, 51, revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer last month.

The former Countryfile star has had a mastectomy since coming up about it on social media.

After recovering from surgery yesterday, she turned to Twitter today to provide an emotional update with her 141,000 followers.

She shared an illustration by Graeme Bandeira, a cartoonist for The Yorkshire Post, depicting her as Superwoman.

Julia is depicted as a cartoon character flying over the Yorkshire hills and the Ribblehead viaduct.

“This made me laugh and cry,” the TV star wrote.

“Thank you for your [love]and support, @GraemeBandeira @yorkshirepost.”

“I don’t feel like Superwoman, but I’m ‘glad’ that my breast cancer has resulted in some great outcomes.

“Please do a self-check and learn everything you can about your own body.”

The hashtag “#BreastCancerAwarenessMonth” was used to sign off the communication.

During Julia’s arduous fight, her followers inundated her inbox with letters of encouragement.

“Genuinely heartbroken when I read the news of your breast cancer diagnosis,” MumintheCountry wrote.

“I eventually checked myself and everything was fine. As a result, thank you.

“You’re lovely and inspiring, so I hope to see you on the box again soon.”

“I’m sure there’s more about the heavenly Greek islands you can educate us.” [sic]“I watched your TV series years ago while you were walking the Lake District,” Betafrank continued.

“You brought me a great deal of pleasure. Beautiful scenery and a lovely lady.

“Wishing you all the best in your recovery efforts.”

They concluded, “Stay strong, wonderful lady.”

“Just remember to stay strong,” Marcrads wrote.

“I was diagnosed with oral cancer in 2015, and when it reappeared in 2019, I was informed it was inoperable and untreatable below my right eye.

“The prognosis was most likely 3 to 6 months.” I’m still here, and I’m still fighting. So go forth and live.”


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